Masters in Data Science Degrees

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There are hundreds of online Master of Data Science degree programs in the United States. Feel free to read our in-depth review of over 100 Master's in Data Science programs online. You'll find that there are similar degrees such as the Masters in Data Analytics online, as well as multiple Masters in Data Science degrees that have specializations in areas like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Applied Statistics, and more. There are a LOT of options. View all types of data science degree programs for more information.

Are there online Masters in Data Science degree programs?

Yes, there are quite a few options for a data science Masters degree online. Online data science degrees are emerging as some of the top tech degrees offered in a distance learning setting, and in particular the online Master of Data Science.

Most online Masters in Data Science programs can be completed in around 2 years on average. Students that balance a professional life may also have the option to take courses at a part-time rate. Part time courses can increase overall program length. However they allow for more flexibility.

Master of Data Science Degree Programs (MS)

Why consider a graduate degree in data science?

Between computer science and statistics, students can find a degree option that could lead to a whole new world of innovation in society. There are multiple reasons why data science is a top area.

1. The field is increasing in popularity, in the private sector and public sector

Data science is a popular field for students that want to become involved with technological careers, but do not want to work in IT. There are many data science program formats. Each program can offer versatile career paths in many different fields including marketing, healthcare, software development, and more.

2. Jobs tend to be higher than average salaries

Some data science careers are similar to engineering degrees, which boast some of the top salaries in any field. View the highest paid data science jobs.

3. Many programs are offered in an online or distance learning setting

The Masters in Data Science is one of the top degrees offered online. Here are some of the top schools with an Online Master's in Data Science degree. This allows for flexibility especially for those that currently have a job.