About DataSciencePrograms.org

DataSciencePrograms.org was founded in 2018 as a new project solely dedicated to data science, data analytics, and related data education.

We noticed there are not many websites solely focused on the subject of Data Science, even though many employers located throughout the U.S. are seeking graduates at the Undergraduate and Graduate level in these areas.

History of DataSciencePrograms.org

Data Science Programs was originally created in 2018, with a focus only on data science degrees, programs, careers, and more. Data Science Programs is owned and operated by Enroll Education LLC. For decades, Enroll Education has been researching degree programs within growing areas of higher education. We have worked with hundreds of universities and researched thousands of programs at all levels. Our goals are simple: Do our research, create easy-to-use websites with unique information, and help students find the best colleges for their personal circumstances.

Over the years, we have reviewed hundreds of programs, careers, and data to help this website grow. We are continuously researching specific programs, and reviewing them for our readership. The information and data on our website has been reviewed by top computer science and tech professionals in the industry, and has been cited by hundreds of industry organizations and higher education institutions.

If you have any updates be sure to email us at schools@datascienceprograms.org so we can review.

Contributing Experts and Authors

As with any website, there are numerous people that work behind the scenes: from designers, developers, and programmers to researchers, fact-checkers, and writers.

Meagan Voulo: Writer and Editor

Research Analyst professional with 5 + years of experience. Completed Springboard, data science certification, gaining further skills in statistical tools such as SQL and Python. Master’s degree, Integrative Neuroscience from Stony Brook University.

Brett Evans: Writer and Contributor

Has worked in the commercial real estate and manufacturing industries focusing on data science for over a decade. Education includes: Masters in Data Science from Georgia State University and a BA in Economics from Georgia State University.

Gabe Hannon: Writer and Contributor

Has focused academic work on mathematical physics, scientific understanding, and data analytics. Background in theoretical physics, technical writing, and data analysis. Education includes: current student in Master of Science (MS), Transportation engineering from Technische Universität München and a Bachelor of Science (BS), Physics from Brown University.

Sam Longenbach: Writer and Contributor

Sam has a background in mathematical statistics and worked as a consultant before graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Data Science program. Within data science, he is especially interested in natural language processing and optimization. Sam has experience working on a data science team and presenting technical analysis to business decision-makers. He is a firm believer that a technical skill set is equally important as the ability to communicate complex data to people.

Brian Spaen: Writer

Brian Spaen writes comprehensive higher education pages and covers the trending career pathways of data science and cyber security. As a graduate from Iowa State University, his education prepared him for journalism and entrepreneurship, which has led to a freelance writing career in covering sports, technology, and the green industry. Brian is currently studying data science and reading the latest news and innovation in the field, believing that the ongoing improvements with machine learning algorithms and big data will continue to overhaul old business models and expand successful data-driven solutions.

Why Data Science?

Data Science is a booming industry – the collection, integration, and utilization of ‘Big Data’ is a relatively new area of study for those interested in a combination of mathematics, statistics, technology, and business application.

Companies around the globe are using data to make better decisions. Combined with statistical analysis, empirical evidence, artificial intelligence, algorithmic decision-making, predictive modeling, and business sense and intelligence, data-driven decision making is becoming the norm, rather than the outlier.

Data Science and Education

The issue with Data Science and traditional higher education is that there is no consensus on what should make for the best data science degree. What students should study – at any level – is not agreed upon (at this point) by a centralized accrediting body. Many industries in healthcare (CCNE), business (AACSB), and technology (ABET) have a program-specific accrediting body that ensures accredited universities are implementing the same coursework, classes, and areas of study.

Research on Data Science Programs

Unfortunately Data Science is not there – yet. This can make it difficult for sites like DataSciencePrograms.org – there is not a singular, centralized database for this site to base its degree program listings on. Every data science program on this website was found by people-driven research.. This feat took hours upon hours of research – and we know we are not done yet.

Please, if you have or know of a university that has a Data Science degree offering at the following levels, email schools (at) datascienceprograms.org and we will review as soon as we can.

Where Is Our Data From?

Our data comes from a number of sources, including, but not limited to:

Our goal is to provide all of the information on data science degrees in just one place, then provide you with the information you need to make a decision on your education. We write about:

  • Regional, state-by-state coverage of data science in each state, including different universities in that state.
  • Detailed information and research on specific career paths and occupations one can have with a data science degree
  • Specific programs and all of the accredited universities in the United States that offer the degree

Maintaining Accuracy

We strive to keep the most accurate and up-to-date information specific only to data science degree programs offered at universities throughout the United States. We use several different sources for our data, but most of our data is hand gathered and sent to us via schools. If you have any updates be sure to email us at schools@datascienceprograms.org so we can review and stay up to date!

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