Applied Statistics Degree Programs

Statistics are a tool that can be used to learn more about any given topic with relevant data attached to it. Professionals that focus on applied statistics within their career field can be helpful in determining why certain trends occur, where they occur, and the catalysts to their expansion. If you have an interest in investigating data in order to provide more information what is found within it, this field could be the right choice for you. Common students in applied statistics degree programs are those that have great analytical skills, profound technical abilities, determination, and critical thinking skills.

18-Month Data Science Master's Online
Master of Science in Data Science Program at University of Denver University of Denver - Master of Science in Data Science
Earn University of Denver’s MS in Data Science online. No computer science experience required.
Master of Information and Data Science Program at University of California Berkeley University of California Berkeley - Master of Information and Data Science
Designed for data science professionals seeking to organize, analyze, and solve real-world problems

While in applied statistics degree programs, students can learn more about what is involved in the collection of data, the analysis, and the presentation of the information found within. Students enrolled in these degree programs can also take a deeper look at the different types of software available for data research in order to familiarize themselves with what each presents in terms of utility and measurement. Skills gained during these degree programs can set you on track for careers in the fields of business, government, social research, education, and even healthcare.

Depending on your current level of education, your current career standing, and your future aspirations, different types of degree programs and focuses may be of interest to you. Our team of educational experts has put together this guide in an effort to help you learn more about the most popular types of applied statistics degree programs current open for enrollment all over the country. Read more in this guide to see more information about what these degree programs can help you achieve in your future.

Online Degrees in Applied Statistics

Whether you are interested in becoming involved in fields such as healthcare, business, or information technology, you might find that computer information systems are extremely important parts of their innovation. Within the field of computer technology, there are loads of data that can be used to further elevate the current programs and services provided by each entity. One of the most popular methods of obtaining a degree to get you involved in these fields is through online educational programs. The delivery of the curriculum in the online environment can allow students from all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of higher education.

If you are wondering what an applied statistics degree program might look like in the online setting, you can refer to traditional programs as your guide. Online degree programs in this field contain a lot of the same elements as traditional programs and are often taught by the same professors. Students can log in to their courses from home or any other place that has an internet connection. Depending on your degree level, you might engage more in studying and testing, the development of independent research projects, or even laboratory projects during your online experience.

Undergraduate degree programs focusing on applied statistics online can be a great way to prepare for entry-level positions in the field or even for higher level degree programs right after. Online Bachelors programs in Applied Statistics can be helpful in introducing you to the basic elements of statistics, software, and general education components that can enhance your learning along the way. Follow along in this guide to see more about graduate level degree programs in this field that can open you up to even higher career options in applied statistics.

Masters Degrees in Applied Statistics

Many new students considering applied statistics for their major might be intrigued about learning which type of degree program can give them a competitive advantage in the field. Professionals in this field often seek out masters level programs in order to gain more specific skills in statistics that can be used when working for organizations in their chosen field. At this degree level, students can learn more about what it takes to develop helpful studies, make assumptions about raw data, and provide tangible information about groups of data.

If you are looking for online Masters in Applied Statistics programs to consider for your education, read more in the list below. Our team has located some online options currently accepting students all over the country, so that you can begin your search right now. Each of these programs contains the necessary elements for entering into a career in applied statistics and can be helpful tools for increasing your skills and awareness in your field. Read more below to see what is currently open in the field.

  • Colorado State University – Online Masters in Applied Statistics: Colorado State University has an incredible online Master of Applied Statistics program open for students interested in being a part of this innovative field. Students enrolled can choose from 1 of 2 specializations to help increase their skills in either Statistical Science or Data Science. If you are interested in programs like this one, you can expect to dedicate around 2 years to the completion of your degree through in-depth online course work.
  • The University of Kentucky – Online Masters in Applied Statistics: UK’s respected and high-quality online Masters in Applied Statistics could be an excellent option for upcoming students with an interest in pursuing careers in data science and advanced statistics. This particular program includes a 11-course requirement that involves the completion of courses such as Regression Modeling, Advanced Statistical Modeling, and Design of Experiments. Students can gain diverse skills in this program that can lead to innovative career options after graduation. Students can complete the program online in 1-2 years depending on their enrollment status.

Career Options in Applied Statistics

When you have the skills to use data as a tool for learning and advancement, you could become a helpful professional in a wide variety of fields. Before you take the plunge into higher educational programs in this field, you should explore some of the potential career options available for graduates in your field. A degree in applied statistics can prepare you for working in popular fields such as business and healthcare, as well as specialty fields such as professional sports, teaching, and even environmental studies.

Beginning with major fields such as business and government, our team has explored some of the most popular types of careers for professionals in this field. Statisticians can be implemented to recognize trends, marketing utility, and purchase demographics for their geographical area. In this area, graduates can also be hired in an effort to develop more effective data technologies for use in the field and consistently monitor the collection and use of data for a wide variety of purposes.

Applied statistics can also be applied to areas involved in public entertainment, such as professional sports. If you are interested in pursuing unique career fields after graduation, this could be a degree program to consider. Statisticians can be used in any fields that consist of large amounts of data for use in research or higher development.

Some of the more popular positions in applied statistics can be found in areas such as healthcare, environment, and education. In each of these areas, applied statistics graduates can provide insight on the data associated with health-related illnesses and environmental safety. If you have an interest in teaching others about this incredible field, you can even use your degree as a tool for obtaining careers for colleges or community education programs focusing on training upcoming professionals in your area.