Data Science Programs in Florida

Number of Data Science Programs in Florida

With over 20 different data science programs, there are a number of options within Florida.

There are a number of online data science related programs, including online programs focused on Business Intelligence, Biomedical Informatics, and multiple certificates also focused on healthcare and analytics.

With Graduate Certificate data science options online, multiple on-campus Masters in Data Science degrees, and undergraduate certificate or Bachelor of Data Science programs, the state of Florida has multiple universities for most degree levels.

Featured Online Data Science Programs

Quick Overview of Florida Data Science Degree Programs

Schools in Florida with data science programs include:
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: M.S. in Data Science
  • Florida International University: M.S. in Data ScienceMaster of Science in Health Informatics and Management Systems
  • Florida Polytechnic University: Bachelors in Big Data Analytics
  • Florida State University: M.S. in Business Analytics
  • Full Sail University: Master of Science in Business Intelligence
  • New College of Florida: Master of Data Science
  • Nova Southeastern University: Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence / AnalyticsMaster of Science in Biomedical Informatics
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Featured Online Data Science Programs

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Available Online Data Science Programs for Florida

Online Data Science Programs Based in Florida
University Program Location

Full Sail University

Master of Science in Business Intelligence

Nova Southeastern University

Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence / Analytics

Nova Southeastern University

Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics

Pasco-Hernando State College

Healthcare Informatics Specialist Certificate

University of South Florida

Analytics and Business Intelligence Certificate

Online Data Science Programs in Florida

University of Central Florida: Multiple Engineering and Data Analytics Programs Online and Campus

An online Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering is offered through the College of Engineering and Computer Science. This specialization focuses on the technical aspect between businesses and the consumer and providing a satisfactory experience to the end user. The curriculum consists of four courses, all worth 12 credits: Project Engineering, Systems Integration and Testing, Systems Engineering, and Systems Architecture. These courses are available to complete online and is open to every state.

The school recommends prospective students to have a Bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field and they must send official transcripts. Admission is accepted in the fall and spring semesters, but students that are planning to enroll full time and want to apply to fellowships or assistantships are recommended to join in the fall.

For those looking for a full graduate degree, the Master of Science in Data Analytics is offered on campus. This requires 30 credit hours to complete, six of them equating to two of the following six elective courses: Text Mining, Social Media and Network Analysis, Computational Analysis of Social Complexity, Machine Learning Methods for Biomedical Data, Interactive Data Visualization, and Data Preparation. The degree culminates with a capstone project that showcases what the student has learned throughout the program.

Nova Southeastern University MS in Computer Science

The College of Computing and Engineering provides a Master of Science in Computer Science that can be completed online or on campus. 30 credits, distributed across 10 courses, are required to satisfy the degree and the curriculum is geared toward programming, analyzing algorithms, and database management. The following concentrations can be selected to complement the core courses: Computer Systems, Data Science, Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, and Real-World Computing. Those that opt not to go through a concentration take five CISC core courses and five additional courses from any of the concentrations.

Online courses are distributed through the Canvas management system and is available worldwide. Those opting to take on-campus courses will generally meet in the evening. In order to be admitted into the program, students must have prior educational experience in computer science, engineering, and mathematics with an undergraduate degree. Those that do not meet these requirements must take enough of the following courses within the first two terms: Java Programming Language, Computer Organization and Architecture, Mathematics in Computing, and Data Structures and Algorithms. All prerequisite courses must be completed with a B or higher.

Scholarship Opportunities within Florida

Nova Southeastern University has a number of scholarships available for graduate students that are pursuing a degree in the College of Engineering and Computing. The Edward Lieblein Memorial Fund Scholarship is given to those that work in the federal government. Requirements to be eligible for this scholarship include submitting a letter of recommendation from both the employer and faculty member to receive an award from $500 to $2,000. A 500-word essay can also be submitted on how the program will impact the student's work.

The Professor Laurie Dringus Scholarship with an award between $500 and $1,000 requires students to submit an essay on how human-computer interaction will have an impact in their work. Other qualifications needed are completing at least one semester, a minimum GPA of 3.0, and two letters of recommendation from the employer and a faculty member that specifically notes the human-computer component of the applicant's studies.

For full-time graduate students at UCF, various fellowships are available for those that have higher academic merit. The Graduate Dean's fellowship offers a stipend for those newly entering a Master's degree program. Over $300,000 is given out each academic year as a presentation fellowship for students that pursue research and deliver presentations at a professional meeting.

Data Science Careers in Florida

Florida has the fourth-highest employment in the tech sector with over 567,000 workers according to CompTIA. That is representative of 6.1 percent of the state workforce, and pours in $71 billion into the economy. The top occupations in the state are software and web development, network administration, and computer support specialists. It is also the fourth-highest state for innovation.

Even though Florida is the second-fastest growing state in the tech sector, salary is on the lower end when compared to neighboring areas in the Southeast, sitting at $69,226 per year. That is similar to South Carolina, but lower than Georgia and Alabama. These wages are 86 percent higher than median national wages.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in Florida

Disney Data and Analytics Conference

Disney Data and Analytics Conference Disney Data and Analytics Conference Website
Hosted in Orlando, this two-day event presented by The Walt Disney Company shows how important data-based analytics can be in every industry. Throughout the conference, there are intermittent speakers, product demos, and breakout sessions that are separated into different fields: Data and Technology, Marketing and Consumer Insights, Advanced Analytics, Beyond the Numbers (dives into visualization and storytelling instead of mathematics), and Leading the Way (how executives and leadership roles can adapt data and analytics into their company).

The latest conference in 2019 had 30 presentations, 65 vendors, and over 2,000 attendees. Notable keynote speakers from last year’s event include “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Captain B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, two-time NBA champion Shane Battier (who is now VP of analytics and basketball development for the Miami Heat), and Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, CMO of IBM Watson AI.

Tampa Bay Data Science Group

With just over 1,000 members, this tech group partially sponsored by Microsoft routinely hosts roundtable discussions and new innovations in subjects like data analysis, mining, machine learning, and more. Recent discussions have been comparisons between Python and R, new features in a recent Python release, and entrepreneurial presentations. They hold monthly meetings at various locations, the most frequent being at the Alessi/Vigo Foods Bacardi Memorial Tasting Room in Tampa.

Florida Data Science Career Statistics Information

Number of people employed within the tech industry: 567,862
Change in jobs from 2017 to 2018: 18,147
Average tech industry salary in Florida: $69,226
Estimated Florida tech salaries range: From $41,651 to $109,520
Male Employment: 238,383 (68%)
Female Employment: 113,572 (32%)
* Data sourced from CompTIA,, a data aggregate for tech workforce analytics.

Best Florida Data Science Programs

Includes list of campus-based and online data programs
University Program Location

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

M.S. in Data Science
Daytona Beach
Unique concentrations available include aviation-focused engineering and cyber security. Another concentration emphasizes high-performance computing and big data topics. Most concentrations use 12 of the 30 total credit hours needed for the graduate program.

Florida International University School of Computing and Information Sciences

M.S. in Data Science
Foundational business, finance, and statistics topics required for prior academic work. Another need is a Bachelor's degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher. Applicants will need to submit GRE scores.

Florida International University Chapman Graduate School of Business

Master of Science in Health Informatics and Management Systems
Online program taking approximately 14 months with academic and professional requirements. Admittance takes place yearly in the fall. Attendance limited to 40 students at the most per cohort. Coursework covers many different aspects of health informatics, including finance management and ethics.

Florida Polytechnic University College of Innovation & Technology

Bachelors in Big Data Analytics
Different concentrations include Big Data Analytics, Health Informatics, and Quantitative Economics and Econometrics. Pursuing Big Data Analytics focuses on managing database design and analytical processes. An extra free elective closes out the concentration studies.

Florida State University College of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
Features eight required courses and three electives that customize the program. Topics in these core courses include data management, forecasting, programming, and quantitative methods. Electives focus on particular aspects of analytics in marketing or human resources.

Full Sail University Full Sail University

Master of Science in Business Intelligence
Winter Park
Students take this discipline with a set of courses that fits various schedules. This online-focused program distributes courses on a monthly basis. There are no GRE requirements in the application process.

New College of Florida Graduate Program

Master of Data Science
Four courses in each of the first two terms and three courses in the final term is the course structure. Program ends with capstone project that showcases abilities within the data science discipline. Skills include gathering data from various sources and understanding theory in statistical analysis.

Nova Southeastern University Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences

Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence / Analytics
Fort Lauderdale
Certification for this program is available online. Students can opt for on-campus education at the Fort Lauderdale campus. Course availability is during the evening once per week over a span of 14 to 16 weeks depending on term. Total of 15 credit hours needed to receive the certification.

Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics
Fort Lauderdale
The Biomedical Informatics program has online availability. Students gain the understanding needed to analyze electronic health records with analytical tools. Eventual graduates will be able to impact the health care sector they choose to work in. They can improve patient wellness, treatment plans, and financial impact.

Pasco-Hernando State College Health and Information Technology

Healthcare Informatics Specialist Certificate
New Port Richey
Prerequisite courses include understanding computer science applications and medical terminology. Students explore foundational topics in electronic health records and project management. A practicum session applies techniques and theory to real-world situations. Studies prepare graduates for a health care informatics role.

University of Central Florida College of Sciences

M.S. in Data Analytics
Analytical degree provides job opportunities for data positions developing architecture to gather information. Skills also focus on implementing algorithms to find beneficial trends and patterns. Students complete the program in as little as four total semesters. Can take courses over the evening and weekend hours.

University of Central Florida Department of Statistics

M.S. in Statistical Computing Data Mining Track
24 credit hours of required data science courses and 12 credit hours of mining electives. Includes overview of database systems and how to design and manipulate database information. Examples of required courses include Data Preparation, Logistic Regression, and Theoretical Statistics.

University of Central Florida Department of Health Management & Informatics

Master of Science in Health Care Informatics
Completed online over a span of two years with 16-week course distribution. Admission takes place in the fall and spring semesters. 38 total credit hours provide skills in understanding electronic health records. This is also used for verification in treatment and diagnosis processes.

University of Central Florida Department of Health Management and Informatics

Professional Science Master's Program in Health Care Informatics
Graduate health informatics program geared for clinical research and consultation. Offers pathway to become an executive, such as a chief medical information officer. Learn how to develop and manage relational database structures. Understand design based on the organizational infrastructure and health care needs.

University of Florida Warrington College of Business Administration

Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management
Four concentrations customize discipline in information systems and operations. Examples include Data Science, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, and Business Analytics. Data Science focuses on big data and machine learning to improve efficiency. Business Analytics looks at various statistical methods to determine different trends and patterns.

University of Miami School of Business Administration

M.S. in Business Analytics
Coral Gables
Elective topics include quantitative finance, SAS programming, and project management. Students can choose an internship or capstone project at the end of the program.

University of South Florida Muma College of Business

Analytics and Business Intelligence Certificate
Requires at least four courses that focus on data analytics and database management. Examples include Statistical Programming for Business Analytics and Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods. MBA students select up to three electives in business intelligence and data analytics.

University of South Florida Muma College of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics and Information Systems
Business-focused analytics program offers skills in statistical analysis. Students install an infrastructure with various forms of data sources for business decisions. A weekend alternative executive format allows studies at a more convenient time.

University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

MS in Health Informatics Online
Health informatics program with relational database systems understanding and SQL programming skills. Students understand technical process and medical terminology to analyze information. Communication and leadership techniques to present this information within the health care sector.

University of South Florida Sarasota - Manatee College of Business

Business Analytics Certificate
Students complete up to 12 credit hours within data science and analytical processes. Some courses may not be available online or could be available during specific terms. Limit of two years for students to complete the certification after enrollment.
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