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Overall in our database, there are over 50 online data science programs. These are programs that are specifically geared toward Data Science or have "Data Science" in their degree name or certificate name.

Data science education is emerging in an online setting

Data science has carved its place into society due to innovations in processing power and the storage cost reduction of data. More businesses than ever rely on the information given from data processors to help make better financial and data-driven decisions in the workplace. Students who gravitate towards data science often have a strong background in computer information systems, mathematics, statistics, and critical thinking, and tend to gravitate toward studying online. Not to mention they are technically savvy enough to effectively study online.

Degree programs that focus on data science look to further foster these skills, regardless of the degree level. Therefore, it is possible to find various degree and certification levels, such as a B.S., M.S., or PhD. There are online data science degrees available at all levels:

Degrees by Level

100% Online Data Science Degrees

The introduction of online degree programs may have truly changed the way that people view higher education. While traditional degree programs in data science may have been the first option for people, more people are now choosing the online route for their education. Some of the reasons for this include flexibility, affordability, and efficiency. For instance, those who work full or part time while they are going to school might prefer the flexibility of taking their classes on their own time and going at their own pace.

In addition, choosing an online data science program doesn't mean a student needs to sacrifice the depth of their education. Online data science programs are reviewed and accredited, making them a reliable option for students concerned with the quality and application of their degree. Due to data science's nature of being heavily reliant on computer software, students may likely not need a traditional education environment to succeed.

For example, when a large percentage of the curriculum is based on computers and coding, going to a classroom without being able to follow along with the lecture in a hands-on environment might not be the right fit for discovery learners. The online format of these degree programs definitely should be considered in comparison to the traditional environment.

Featured Online Data Science Programs

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Finding the Best Online Data Science Programs

There are multiple ways to find an online data science program. Even a simple web search can bring in numerous results for well-known colleges all over the country that have convenient offerings for students. At the same time, the choices can be overwhelming. Which program is best? How much does it cost? How long does it take? If it's a graduate program, does it require a GRE or GMAT test score? Are there GPA requirements? How do I get in contact with them?

There is a lot to think about. This is why we created this guide - we have done the heavy lifting of finding all colleges with a data science program online.

While it is always important to review the relevance and reliability of a chosen degree program, students are more likely to choose a program that is offered by a college that they are familiar with. Sometimes this is a good thing, when the program is generally widespread and reputable, but other times students miss out on so-called 'hidden gems,' by limiting themselves to what they know. Finding the right program involves some research, comparisons, and prioritizing. It's important to outline what a student values in a program prior to the search to ensure that their ultimate goals and interests align with the school or organization.

Most programs give you a foundation for working in data science and analytics

Depending on the level of the program, the majority of the curriculum can be hands-on learning, conceptual knowledge, or a combination or the two. In an undergraduate degree program, one may find more of the conceptual knowledge focused on - which statistical tests to use, what makes up a relational database, etc. However, advanced degrees and certification programs incorporate more tactics and methods available for analyzing large amounts of data. In addition, most comprehensive programs will end with some sort of capstone project to highlight the skills and knowledge the student has learned. Since most of the work conducted in this field is through the use of computers and computer programs, students may be more likely to succeed when working in an online setting.

What is the Online Degree Like?

Online degree programs in data science may look different depending on which college you choose for your education. Each college has its own special plan for its students, making the experience unique between each university.

The curriculum in online degree programs is also similar to the traditional program's curriculum. In this case, the only real difference is that online degree programs deliver their material via online classes. Students may be required to participate in independent learning exercises and online forums. For some, this may require more self-motivation and discipline during their learning process in contrast to a traditional program setting. If you are technologically experienced and self-driven, online degree programs in data science may be a wise option for you.

Several Data Science Programs Offered Online

Degree programs in data science are available in online and traditional settings at universities all over the country. Online programs are reachable by students regardless of their location, contributing to their popularity among current and upcoming college students. The list below displays some of the most widely-known universities that offer reputable programs. Individuals concerned about the quality of online educational programs may be inclined to start their search here.

  • Syracuse University: Online MS in Data Science
  • The University of California – Berkeley: Online MS in Information and Data Science
  • Southern Methodist University: Online MS in Data Science
  • Johns Hopkins University: MS in Data Science
  • Colorado Technical University: Online BS in Data Science

What Online Courses Should You Expect?

Data science degree programs can have diverse course offerings in subject areas across computer science, mathematics, and business. Furthermore, students may be expected to apply their analytical skills to various industry sectors that rely on data. During a degree program, industry exposure can help you envision what a professional career may look like with a degree in data science.

  • Data Science: This course can be found at many degree levels. The purpose is to introduce students to the intersection of existing fields that overlap to create what we call data science. Computer science, statistics, business intelligence, and database management are a few of these fields.
  • Machine Learning: In recent years, the use of machine learning in technology has exploded. Deep Learning, a subset of machine learning, has led to advances in self-driving cars, virtual assistants (ex. Siri, Alexa), and artificial intelligence advances. Fundamentally, machine learning is the study of statistical algorithms that learn from data to make decisions without being explicitly programmed. Data is the raw fuel for successful machine learning, and advances in computing power have allowed for exponential improvements in the speeds in which these algorithms can learn.
  • Advanced Statistics: A knowledge of statistics is an incredibly important component of data science. A solid grasp of probability theory, Gaussian distributions, and information theory is crucial in understanding machine learning algorithms’ nuts and bolts.
  • Database Management: There is no data science without data. Database management is the practice of optimizing and interacting with systems that store massive amounts of data. The majority of these systems rely on a structured query language (SQL) for users to read stored data. Individuals can spend an entire career managing these systems, but a basic understanding of how to query data stored in these systems is essential.

Career Options for Data Science Graduates

A few different factors can influence what you do and what you make after graduating with a data science degree. The level of degree that you choose to pursue can be a leading factor since higher-tier positions typically require students to have a higher degree. Doctoral degrees in data science may also lead to research-oriented careers. Whichever degree program you choose, there are many options for careers available once active in the field. The amount you earn as a professional can depend on your career field and experience. Your location in the United States may also affect what you can make as a data science professional.

  • Web Developers: $66,130 on average per year (BLS).
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator: $79,700 on average per year (BLS).
  • Database Administrator: $84,950 on average per year (BLS).

Available Online Data Science Programs

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