Online Data Mining Degrees

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Students in today's world can choose from a wide range of degree programs that can allow them access to one of the fastest growing fields in society - technology. There are numerous ways that students can become engaged with this field, beginning with basic fields such as information technology and moving on to more advanced fields such as data mining. Degree programs suitable for preparing your for careers in data mining can be found at universities all over the country, including those in the online setting.

Online Data Mining Degree Programs

Online degrees in data mining can provide you with the platform to learn more about this field from the comforts of your very own home. Options may be available for students that are just beginning their path on college education, as well as upcoming students that are seeking higher level degree or certificate programs to help enhance their capabilities in the field. No matter your current level of education, you can likely find online programs to help suit your needs as a new professional in this field.

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Why Consider a Degree in Data Mining?

Degree programs in data mining can help you prepare for using data to help increase the quality of service and prediction in business, education, healthcare, society, or even in the military. During a degree program, you can learn how to locate patterns within large sums of data in order to make meaningful predictions about human or program behavior. This type of skill can make you a valuable resource for companies or organizations set out to increase the quality of services within their field.

Relating Science, Computers, Statistics to Data Mining

The skills that can be learned within this degree program may be focused around data science, computer information technology, and applied statistics. The goal of the degree program is to provide you with the knowledge to apply what you know about statistics to derive helpful information from data in order to make predictions about future outcomes. This can be useful when developing relevant marketing plans or even when creating new and innovative machine learning techniques in the IT field.

Online Degrees in Data Mining

One of the most fascinating and attractive traits of data mining degree programs is that they are available in the online setting. Many new and upcoming college students might be looking for diverse ways to gain a higher education, since the cost of living is high and currently on the rise all over the United States. Online data degrees allow for flexibility to continue working at a full-time job while engaging in course work at times that are convenient for you.

Start with a Bachelor's Degree

The path to data mining careers begins at your entry into undergraduate degree programs. Some students choose bachelors programs that can best complement their future career, such as the Bachelor's in Computer Science or Bachelor's in Information Technology. Either of these programs could provide you with the knowledge needed to succeed in higher degree programs.

At higher graduate degree levels, you can choose degree specializations that can move you closer to your chosen specialized field, which will be outlined in the next section.

Masters Degrees in Data Mining

Online Masters Degrees in Data Mining can help you prepare for a lifelong career involved with improving the outcome of your organization. At the masters level, students can learn more about specific techniques in predictive analytics, text mining, and segmentation models. These skills can support your success as you seek out positions in IT and business-related entities after graduation. Our team of educational experts has reviewed some of the online Masters in Data Mining currently available in the U.S. in order to give you a better idea of what is open for your consideration in the field. Take a look at a few different available degree programs below.

A Few of the Top Online Data Mining Degrees

  • Central Connecticut State University – Online MS in Data Mining

    The innovative online data mining program at CCSU was designed to help students gains better insight about the methods of data mining and the many uses of data in the professional field. This program requires that students complete a total of 33 credit hours during their program, which can take around 2 years for most enrollees. Prerequisites for this program include courses in statistics, which are expected to be completed at the undergraduate level.

  • Indiana University – Online MS in Data Science

    Geared towards tech-savvy college students, the online MS in Data Science at Indiana University can help you learn more about the uses of data and technology in a wide variety of professional fields today. This program requires that you complete 30 credit hours – including courses in Data Science, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning. Each of these courses can contribute to your growing expertise in data mining, leading to diverse career opportunities throughout your lifetime.

Career Fields in Data Mining

If you could imagine the large amounts of data that are transferred via the internet each day, it would be a hard total to fathom. The information stored within computer information systems can provide researchers and data science professionals with endless information regarding personal preferences, trends, and predictions about IT behavior. Choosing to become a professional data mining specialist can make you eligible for exciting positions in popular fields such as business, IT, communications, education, or even healthcare.

Data Mining Specialist

As a data mining specialist in the fields of business and healthcare, you can work on finding solutions to common issues associated with IT, computer programs, or even consumer information storage. Some data mining professionals can also work to identify buyer trends, which can help during the development of successful marketing programs for different types of products and services. In the business realm, data science professionals can be exceptionally useful during the development of helpful software to be used for daily duties, as well as those intended to connect organizations with the public.

Programmer or Machine Learning Programmer

Some professionals with this degree may also choose to pursue careers in the field of information technology. Data science found its home in this field, since a large majority of the work conducted is through the use of IT systems. System programming, machine learning, and innovative technologies can benefit from the expertise of data mining professionals, since they have the skills necessary to analyze large amounts of data regarding the efficiency and operational benefits of certain software and hardware.

Data and Business Analytics

Alternative career paths for graduates in this field include those involving the education of other upcoming data science professionals, which can be done through college degree programs through universities. You could use what you know to help teach others about the processes and procedures used to effectively analyze data and present information for use in other domains. Colleges all over the country may be looking for professionals with your credentials to educate enrolled students in their programs.

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