Master’s in Accounting Analytics Degrees

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The Master of Accounting Analytics program can be an excellent way for you to utilize your skills in Mathematics, critical thinking, and Data Science to their full advantage. Students in this program can often come from bachelors programs that focus on Accounting, Business, or even Data Science, making it a great and creative idea for students from diverse educational backgrounds. The Masters in Data Analytics is a related program that is focused more on tech and less on accounting.

At its core, the goal of a Master of Accounting Analytics program is to create investigative and experienced analytical professionals with the desire to consistently make improvements to their organization through data analysis and reviews. If you are the type of person that enjoys seeking answers and delivering results, this could be the right program to pursue.

Master of Accounting Analytics Programs

The Masters in Accounting Analytics is a program that blends the art of Data Science with knowledge of accounting skills and software for optimum business intelligence. Knowledge gained throughout this incredible degree program can prepare you for a career that involves investigating financial data for better business recommendations, changes, and innovations in the future.

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Online Masters in Accounting Analytics Programs

There is a common dilemma for graduate learners that has recently been soothed by universities all over the country. Bachelors graduates may have found it hard to balance a full-time work schedule with the demands of on-campus educational programs, making it necessary to consider more flexible options for success.

Online Masters in Accounting Analytics can be a satisfying and high-quality option for students that are considering higher education, but cannot find a remedy for their lack of free time available for learning. These programs can be found in nearly all states, with part-time and full-time options available based upon what you require.

In the online setting, students can learn at a pace that works for them. If you work all day, you can log in to study and complete assignments in the afternoon or evening, or even on weekends. The whole purpose of online degree programs was to create an environment for learning that was inviting to students with diverse needs.

Online Masters in Accounting Analytics programs may include the same courses found in the traditional setting. All homework and interactive assignments can be completed online, making your entire program accessible via a home computer or laptop.

If you are the type of person that has the self-discipline to engage in learning from home, our team recommends that you research online options currently available to you. This method of learning can provide you with the degree you need to succeed, without a majority of the investment required from traditional options.

What is Accounting Analytics?

Accounting Analytics is a field that includes aspects and knowledge within general Accounting as well as skill learning in Data Science. Accounting analysts can analyze financial data of organizations stored on computer systems in order to identify trends, research fraudulent activity, or make determinations about a company's distributions.

In some cases, Accounting Analytics can be used to develop new and helpful software for accounting professionals within many different types of organizations and professional fields. The blend of skills sets from both Accounting and Data Science can contribute to your growth into a versatile and multifaceted business professional.

Some degree programs currently offered to students in the online setting may focus on fields such as Business Intelligence as their means for delivering the curriculum. This can mean that your skills are learned based on organizational need for positive growth in financial management, marketing, or even networking.

The courses that you take during the Masters in Accounting Analytics can teach you more about how financial data is stored on computer systems, how money is transferred via networks and online accounts, and how finances are managed and utilized by different businesses. This knowledge can contribute to your utility as an analyst in this field.

The Accounting component of this degree program may include a look into different financial documents and forms used in business society, which can help you become familiar with what you might see as an analyst in this field.

Typical PreRequisites

In order to be considered for the online Masters in Accounting Analytics, you might be required to complete specific bachelors-level degree programs prior to your application. Some programs may require that students hold at least a Bachelors in Accounting or Data Science prior to entry, while others accept students from all undergraduate degree programs.

Courses that can help you be accepted into this program can include those pertaining to Business and Accounting. Since a thorough understanding of current accounting practices may be necessary to thrive in this field, you might consider enrolling into Accounting courses during your undergraduate program in an effort to prepare.

Taking classes that can educate you on Data Science and Computer Science can also be helpful in providing you with skills for higher learning. If you were to complete a Bachelors in Computer Science, you might enter this higher degree program well-versed in computer information systems and software development for later use.

If you have a career in mind for your future, you can establish a plan for your degree layout that best suits the skills you might need to succeed. Program developers and analysts might be interested in blending Computer Science and Accounting Analytics, while those interested in Business Intelligence might benefit more from degree programs that focus specifically on Data Analytics and Accounting Analytics.

Typical Courses

Accounting Analytics as a degree program includes training within a few different specialized degree areas. Students enrolling in this program should have a great understanding of some of the common accounting forms, rules, and reporting methods. In addition to these skills, students should also be versed in data analytics and mining processes.

If you are new to this field or you are transitioning into this field, you might be expected to catch up on a few prerequisite courses, like some listed in the section above. Once you have completed these, you can move forward into the standard AA curriculum.

The courses included in this program can be diverse depending on the school that you have enrolled in. Most programs have their own unique structure of courses that have individual or combined topics within them.

Our team has provided a helpful list of common courses that can introduce you to topics covered in this degree program. These are provided simply as an example, since the entire course list can contain even more diverse and extensive subject areas. Take a look below to learn more about classes in this area.

  • Fraud Examination: Students in this course can conduct an analysis on the reasons why financial fraud could occur within an organization, as well as the methods and programs available to identify it. Forensic techniques and data analysis are taught in an effort to help students notice patterns within data sets, trends, and other financial anomalies. Fraud prevention techniques and software may also be included in discussion throughout this course.
  • Business Intelligence: This course provides students with an outline of business intelligence relevance within organizations, as well as an in-depth comparison of different technologies utilized for this purpose. This course may provide a particularly strong focus into the financial aspects of companies that can contribute to better functioning, planning, and technological development. Students can also explore common data architectures of businesses and organizations in society.
  • Corporate Taxation: As part of the general accounting properties of this degree program, students may be expected to complete courses focusing on methods of tax filing, record-keeping, and ethical practice. This course can teach students more about tax rates for corporations, federal regulations pertaining to the operation of businesses, and taxable situations common in this environment.

Scholarships for this Program Area

Seeking out financial support for your graduate degree program can be a great way to lift some of the heavy weight of higher education. At the graduate level, students are no longer eligible for federal grants to help fund their education, which can limit them to costly loans as a primary resource for degree funding.

If you conduct an internet search for scholarships within your degree field, you might find that there are many different organizations that can offer small to large financial funds depending on your achievements. A large number of students that have received scholarships for their programs have shown higher achievement in undergraduate degree programs, which is a great method for becoming a candidate for payouts.

In some areas, your contributions to society can also help you get in touch with scholarship opportunities. If you have been a member of the military, organized community service programs, or are a member of specific minority groups, there may be opportunities available for you to apply to.

The quickest way to search for scholarships is through an online search. Many professional organizations or STEM projects provide options for students to apply to in order to help grow their fields, while even some local charities offer cash payouts for degree programs in specific fields.

Career Options to Work in Accounting Analytics

If you are intrigued by the field of finance and are interested in pursuing a career that can support your transition into tech-savvy fields, this could be the degree program for you. Large businesses can hire Accounting Analytics professionals to help make determinations about the efficiency of their operations and make suggestions for change.

You can find career opportunities in financial organizations, law firms, and even white collar organizations that market products and services to the public. Your expertise in accounting processes and investigation can be beneficial to companies that are interested in conducting ethical practice and identifying errors and fraud within their daily transactions.

In some cases, graduates of this degree program can also work for companies responsible for creating more interactive and innovative accounting software. This career could be excellent for students with a background in computer programming and software development.

Regardless of which professional route you choose after graduating, you can be a valuable part of your organization during your career. Accounting Analytics can be a resource for companies in development, review, change, and innovation.

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Online Masters in Accounting Analytics Programs

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