Bachelor of Data Science Degrees

Overall, there are over 35 different Bachelor of Data Science programs in our database, offered at 30 different universities. There are 3 online Bachelor of Data Science programs.

A Bachelors in Data Science degree is a good first step to a data science or analytics career. At the Bachelor of Data Science level, students can gain introductory skills in data analysis, statistics, and database improvement. Most Bachelor's in Data Science programs can prepare students for higher learning or introductory careers in the field of data analysis.

Research and Find Bachelors Degrees in Data Science

Data science is a growing field that calls upon data-savvy individuals that have an interest in providing insight and innovation to businesses from all realms of service. The use of data can be found within various forms of business, making it a great way to transmit information regarding sales and marketing for businesses or patient data and health information for healthcare facilities. Specialists that are trained to gather and translate large portions of data can be useful to many organizations that wish to improve their operation in accordance to its data.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in data science, you might be pleased to learn that you can enter into degree programs at almost any educational level. 0

More and more students are interested in enrolling in these educational programs in an attempt to become part of the ever-changing field of technology.

Online Data Science Programs

The most popular method for obtaining a Bachelors in Data Science is through online educational programs. In the online setting, students may have the freedom to take courses at their own convenience and attend classes at a time that works for them. In current society, convenience with education can allow you to pursue your chosen degree without having to quit your job or miss out on time at home.

Online data science programs can be a convenient option that allows students to indulge in higher education without having to worry about the quality of their degree. One way that students can ensure that they are getting the best possible education is through verifying accreditation information about their university. Universities that have regional or national accreditation may be a great option, but students should always verify the accreditation status of their individual degree programs as well.

What is this Online Degree Like?

The online Bachelors in Data Science can have different components depending on where you enroll. Most programs require that students complete around 120 credit hours of coursework, which includes generalized topics in collegiate education as well as core components of the data science program. Courses in the online program may provide weekly due dates for assignments, which can allow students to complete work at their own pace.

Online degree programs in data science may also allow students to choose a minor to go alongside their bachelors program. A minor can help add crucial information that can help students attain more specialized positions in the professional field or simply expand their knowledge of their chosen subject. If you have a good idea of the field you want to work in, choosing a minor may help increase your skills within this area.

Universities with a Bachelors of Data Science Degree

The search for the perfect program can sometimes result in long lists and confusing options that can be overwhelming for upcoming college students. Different universities often offer degree programs in varying formats, which can prevent difficulties for people that have little experience with choosing college programs. The goal of this guide is to provide you with relevant options that are suitable and beneficial to those seeking a Bachelor’s in Data Science.

Our team of educational experts wanted to assist you in finding schools that offer the program you are looking for. The list below this section lists schools throughout the United States that are currently offering the Bachelors in Data Science. Depending on where you live or whether or not you want to pursue your degree online, one of these programs may be more suitable than another.

  • Auburn University: BS in Data Science
  • California Polytechnics University: BS with Data Science minor
  • The University of California – Irvine: BS in Data Science
  • Luther College: BS in Data Science
  • The University of Evansville: BS in Statistics and Data Science

Typical Courses

Since data science is such as diverse and all-encompassing degree program, students are encouraged to review the curriculum of their school of choice prior to making the commitment. Most data science programs consists of a subtle blend of subject, especially at the bachelors level. Some students may find that the curriculum grows more defined and concentrated as they move closer to the end of their program.

The courses below represent some from the entire 120 credit hour requirement for this program. While the 1st and 2nd year of a bachelors program may have many prerequisite and general education requirements, it often contains a lot of entry-level information that is helpful to upcoming data science professionals. Take a look below at some of the common core courses found within this bachelors program.

  • Applied Statistics: Students enrolled in this course can learn more about creating statistical models and implementing regression analyses. This course seeks to apply statistical methods to everyday environments, so that students can implement their learning into different fields of research.
  • Fundamentals of Data Mining: This course can help students learn how to identify specific patterns found within data. Through critical thinking and implementation of hypotheses, students can possibly use the knowledge gained throughout this course to help solve specific issues within their chosen field.
  • Database Design: Using tools and techniques used in previous computer information courses, students in this course can learn to create helpful databases that can be used in many different areas of business. This course can help students learn to create helpful databases that can assist in problem-solving and convenience.

Career Options and Salary Info

Once you have graduated from an accredited data science degree program, you may be eligible for many diverse entry-level careers in the field of business, healthcare, technology, or even the U.S. Government. Technology is a huge component of most organizations in the U.S., since it can be used to store and retrieve vital data and company records. Individuals that have the skills to interpret and use this data for service improvement could be an important part of teams in many different service areas.

Our team of education experts has gathered a list of popular career paths for data science grads. Check out the list below.