Online Data Analytics Degree Programs

Last Reviewed/Updated: May 18, 2021

We have reviewed data science analytics programs at various levels, potential careers, and salary outcomes for individuals that take this route with their education. The guide below can help you gain some insight into the process of obtaining your degree, as well as what you can achieve by putting in the hard work and dedication needed to complete it. Read more in the guide to see the steps you should take in order to be an effective analyst.

Are There Online Data Analytics Programs?

Yes, there are a number of data analytics degrees that are available 100% online. The most common degree offered is the online Master of Data Analytics degree, but there is also an online Bachelor of Data Analytics available.

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Online Data Analytics Degrees

Online analytics degrees are often filled with courses that can teach more about programming language, troubleshooting, and data analysis. In order for students to truly understand the data they are analyzing, they must have a solid understanding of the programs that are used to collect the data. Processes and methods for organizing and interpreting data may also be discussed, since this is the central framework of this career field. In many different degree programs, students may also focus on the business-oriented aspects of data analysis, so that they can be effective in diverse fields after graduation.

Online data science degree programs are also just as reliable as traditional programs. Some universities even assign professors to both in-person and online courses, which ensures that students get the same quality of education regardless of their setting. Online data science programs are also a great way for students to balance the obligations of their personal lives with those required to advance their career and make themselves available for new and exciting job opportunities.

Featured Online Data Science Programs

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What is data analytics?

The analysis of data has long been an effective method of learning more about patterns and what they mean. Analytics as a professional field is more focused on the data that is collected through computer information systems, since that is the largest platform for data collection available to the public. This educational field takes into consideration the influence of many different fields, such as mathematics, IT, statistics, predictive analysis, and innovative technologies. If you might be interested in being a part of this incredibly useful field, analytics degree programs may be the right choice for you.

What is an online data analytics degree like?

One of the most common questions for prospective students in this degree realm pertains to whether or not this degree is offered online. This is one of the most popular degree choices for students that are interested in online education. The world of online education can provide a whole new outlook on learning experience, since it differs from traditional degree programs in the delivery of the curriculum. Students that engage in online degree programs may be more likely to work independently and motive themselves to learn in comparison to students that attend classes in-person.

The experience of online degree programs may be one that allows for ease-of-access and convenient scheduling. The most popular perk of pursuing an online degree is the advantage of flexible scheduling. Students that are more alert at night or those that can learn more efficiently in the comfort of their own home may be better drawn to these programs than others. Analytics material taught in these programs can help students become helpful and useful tools to businesses that hire them.

Finding Online Data Analytics Programs

Choosing a degree program can be one of the most complex decisions a student can make. So many different options are provided when searching, making it difficult to sift through what is good and what does not provide what you need. Our team of educational experts has provided you with a few of the most popular degree programs within this area of expertise in order to make your search a little easier. The list of programs below shows programs that are available at reliable universities and have everything needed to help you find your way within the field of analytics. Read more about these available programs below.

  • Western Governor’s University: Online BS Data Management/Data Analytics
  • Southern New Hampshire University: Online BS in Data Analytics
  • Arizona State University: Online BS in Business Analytics
  • The University of the Pacific: MS in Analytics
  • American University: MS in Business Analytics

Typical Online Data Analytics Courses

  • Data and Visual Analytics: This class sets out to teach students about methods for modeling and visualizing high dimensional data. Student can learn techniques that are relevant to modeling, as well as explore computer programs explicitly for this use.
  • Regression Analysis: Students in this course can learn to further investigate the relationships between data to hopefully predict future values. The use of mathematical models and explanatory variables is vast throughout this course.
  • Probabilistic Models: In this course, students can use statistics and beliefs to make probabilistic assumptions about future states. This course takes into consideration the need for these models in machine learning and science in cognition.

Data Analytics Careers

Whether you choose to work in computer information technology, business, healthcare, or even for the government, you can rest assured that your skills can be an important part of developing helpful and innovative solution for the organization in which you work. Professionals that work in the field of analytics can help to organize customer, societal, or even search data to companies in order to develop business plans that are relevant to what is actual. The list of positions below includes some of the more popular options for professionals in this fields, but the list is not exhaustive.

  • Management Analyst: $81,330 on average per year (BLS).
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist: $111,840 on average per year (BLS).
  • Market Research Analyst: $62,560 on average per year (BLS).

Data Science Careers

Available Online Data Science Programs

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