Master’s in Computer Science Degrees

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The Masters in Computer Science is a 2 year degree program that seeks to prepare learners for a career focused on computers and other computational devices. More specifically, this program can teach you more about the development of software and software systems, the components of modifying and improving these systems, and the innovation associated with constant growth in the technological field. Similar programs of study include the computer engineering degree or data engineering degree.

Master's Degrees in Computer Science

Within a Masters in Computer Science program, you can take classes that focus on the many different components that come into play for working computer system. Computer hardware and software interaction, database systems, network development and security, and even troubleshooting.

Computer Science as a field of study was designed for students that have a profound interest in the field of computer technology and have the desire to learn skills to get them into careers in this specialized area. If you are interested in potentially enrolling in a program like this one, our team encourages you to pursue an undergraduate program that best matches with what is covered at the masters level.

A career in computer science can potentially lead you into innovative organizations that market helpful software and devices for use to the general public. If you have an idea about the type of career you would like to choose after completing your degree program, you should consider degree specializations that can teach you more about these areas.

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Online Master's of Computer Science Programs

Students that are intrigued by computer and technology-oriented degree programs may be the best candidates for flexible online degree options. In the educational world, online degree programs are an alternative to traditional degree programs that can allow students to complete their degree program without the added hassle of traveling to campus for their classes.

The online Masters in Computer Science can often be attended through logging in to your school's virtual course room. At the beginning of an online program, students can take advantage of training orientations that can help them become more familiar with the layout of the online classroom, which can contribute to a more confident start to their first online class.

This degree program may consist of courses that allow you to practice your skills in computer programming, data mining, and even troubleshooting throughout its duration. Many online courses in this program include interactive practice opportunities that can contribute to your final course grade.

Additional requirements for online Masters in Computer Science programs include weekly discussions with your classmates, timed examinations, and even major course projects that are to be submitting through your class's online drop box tool.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science as a field encompasses a large number of topics that are included in the development, operation, and improvement of computer systems and technology. Students that have an interest in computers and how they operate can learn more about the software that allows a computer system to run, the components within a computer that allow it to have increased capacity, operating speed, and increase efficiency.

Studies into this degree area may also lead students into a better understanding of the internet and its function, as well as network development and maintenance. The implementation of new and innovative software is another topic that has drawn a particularly profound interest in recent years.

Through your studies into this program, you may be required to choose either the generalized Computer Science path or pick from a wide variety of specializations. If there are particular areas that intrigued you within Computer Science, this could be a good opportunity to focus specifically on that area for future careers.

Our team has pulled some of the most popular specialization options for students within this major field. Look through the list below to see what type of options you could find through involvement in online Masters in Computer Science degree programs.

  • Computer and Network Security

    Individuals and businesses utilize computer information systems as a method for storing personal and financial data, as well as records for various purposes. Computer and network security specialists can develop and improve current security software in order to protect these computer systems from harmful viruses or invasion from outside sources. Courses within this realm may allow students to practice the development of security systems as well as the installation and maintenance of them.

  • Software Engineering

    Computer software is a vital component to computer information systems. If you want to learn more about how programs are written and how they operate on computer systems, this could be the specialization for you. Careers in this field can range from video game development to financial accounting software development. The reliance on computer systems for a wide variety of purposes can continue to expand this field in the years to come.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Students that choose artificial intelligence for their degree specialization can learn more about how programs learn from data over time. This process can result in programs that can predict patterns of behavior within a computer and even communicate responses based on previous patterns stored within its software. Courses in this program can help you learn more about the programming that contributes to this type of advanced technology.

Typical Prerequisites for Admission to a Masters in Computer Science Program

Planning for entry into a Masters in Computer Science program should include a review of the prerequisite requirements for this degree program. Each institution that is offering this degree program may have specific courses that they would like for you to have under your belt before beginning their program.

  1. The field of Computer Science includes many different specific skills that are applied with current technologies, computers, and data networks. A lot of students interested in pursuing this degree start off in bachelors programs that focus on areas like computer science, information technology, or even computer engineering.
  2. If you were to complete one of these bachelors programs, you would likely meet the curriculum requirements through your standard undergraduate course list. For others that may be transitioning from other degree fields, courses including those in Linear Algebra and Calculus may be required to meet the Mathematics component.
  3. Other prerequisite courses that you might see on your degree requirements list include Computer Programming and Systems, Data Science or Structures, and even Programming Languages. Completing these courses prior to the onset of your masters programs can allow for a faster transition into the advanced components of this degree plan.

Typical Computer Science Courses

When you choose to move into Computer Science degree programs, you can expect to take courses that outline some of the advanced elements of computer programming and programming languages during your experience. Some degree programs can even offer you the opportunity to practice your skills via virtual programming tools, which can contribute to your better understanding of the processes prior to graduation.

Our team of educational experts has reviewed some of the most popular online degree programs in this field in order to help you comprehend some of the topics that might be covered during your program. The courses listed below are actual classes listed on online programs currently. Read more below to find out more.

  • Data Structures: The goal of this course is to outline different types of data structures and provide students with the skills needed to modify and manipulate them. Some of the common structures discussed in this course include queues, lists, and arrays, with more advanced studies into trees and graphs near the end of the course term. Students can gain a better understanding of common algorithms used when changing these structures in the IT environment.
  • System Programming: System Programming is a course that seeks to educate learners on common programs and the tools required to make changes to them. Some specific topics that students may learn during this course include a look into signals, threads, files, and directories. As part of the general course requirements, students can also practice skills using Linux or Unix systems throughout the duration of the course.
  • Programming Language Design: Programming Language Design can provide students with better understanding into major approaches to programming languages such as denotational semantics and operational semantics. Students can investigate programming language paradigms including object-oriented, logic, and imperative programming languages.

Scholarships for the Computer Science Program Area

If you were to conduct a search of job openings for Computer Science graduates, you might find a large number of open positions all over the U.S. The need for educated Computer Science professionals is on the rise, which can lead to organizations and universities providing scholarship opportunities to people that choose this degree major.

Scholarships can provide you with extra funds to cover some or all of the costs of your degree program. When you look through current scholarship opportunities for this field, you might notice that a lot of them currently available are geared towards students that have excelled in undergraduate education programs or those that have made contributions to their community.

Ways that you can acquire scholarships for this degree program include becoming involved in community service projects in your area – specifically those focusing on some aspect of computers or technology. You can also apply to scholarships that are offered online and be sure to turn in all require documentation prior to the assigned due date.

Universities that offer the Masters in Computer Science can also provide scholarships to new students coming into the program or for students that have shown great progress within their current program. You should always research these opportunities prior to applying.

A simple internet search can put you in touch with agencies that provide scholarships for Computer Science students. Local organizations within your community, employers, and even professional organizations can also be great resources to research in order to find the best deal.

Where You Can Work: Computer Science Careers

One of the most fascinating aspects of the field of Computer Science is that it can be found in all areas of the U.S. More and more people are utilizing computer systems for their personal life, communication, and even during their careers.

Major organizations like Dell, Instagram, and Hershey’s use computer systems to help keep track of their websites, data, sales, and marketing. Gaming industries also call on Computer Science majors to help during the development of gaming software, performance programs, and even customer service.

In a smaller scale, Computer Science professionals can work for hospitals during the set-up and troubleshooting of computer systems, as technology specialists for local businesses, or even program developers for specialized fields in finance and accounting.

Before you choose which specific industry might be the best fit for you, you should identify which area of Computer Science is best suited for you. Once you have completed this incredible degree program, you can seek out careers in a wide variety of areas.

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