California Data Science Degree Programs

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With over 70 different data science programs in California, there are quite a few options to choose from. There are also a handful of online data science programs in California that also have campus locations within the state.

All degrees are a Master in Data Science degree, aside from a Graduate Certificate in Data Science offered by Stanford University.

The University of California at Berkeley's Master of Information and Data Science program (a sponsored program, sometimes goes by the acronym MIDS) is a growing degree offering from a top-tier university, offering the degree part-time, full-time, and in an accelerated format for those that qualify.

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Are there online data science programs in California?

Yes. Here is the list of some of the best online data science degree programs in California that we have found so far.

University Program Location

California State University - Long Beach

Master of Science in Applied Statistics Online

Chapman University

Master of Science in Computational and Data Sciences Online

National University

Online Master of Science in Data Science Online

Santa Clara University

MBA with concentration in Data Science and Business Analytics Online

Stanford University

Foundations for Data Science: Professional Certificate Online

University of California - Berkeley

Online Master of Information and Data Science Online

University of California - Irvine

Predictive Analytics Certificate Program Online

University of California - Riverside

Master of Science in Engineering with a specialization in Data Science Online

Full List of the Best California Data Science Degrees

Here is the list of some of the best data science programs online and at campuses in California..

University Program Location

California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo Orfalea College of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
San Luis Obispo
Understand benefits of statistical modeling to improve supply chain processes and marketing strategies. Core topics include specific topics in data management, data mining, and econometrics. Elective opportunities include Bayesian econometrics and marketing analytics. Program completed in as little as 10 months.

California State University - Fullerton Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

MBA with Business Analytics
Many program tracks within the MBA, including Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics. Sample courses include data forecasting, data mining, data warehousing, and business intelligence.

California State University - Long Beach Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Master of Science in Applied Statistics
Long Beach
30 total credit hours provides education in programming tools such as R and SAS. Program culminates with a comprehensive examination, capstone project, or final thesis.

California State University - San Bernardino College of Business and Public Administration

Master of Business Administration - Business Intelligence and Information Technology Focus
San Bernardino
MBA program breaks down with essential courses in data-driven decision making. Various management-level skills geared for business strategy, marketing, and supply chain operations. Requires a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher and over 70 percent of courses taken at the university to graduate. Comprehensive assessment or MBA portfolio culminates the program.

California State University East Bay College of Business and Economics

M.S. in Business Analytics
Geared toward individuals looking to improve an organization using big data solutions. They should already have some skills established within computer programming and mathematics. Students explore various tools that help in mining and visualization. Examples include Python and R programming, Hadoop, and MapReduce.

Chapman University Fowler School of Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Provides pathway to become a data scientist, systems analyst, or data engineer. Focuses on analytics and distributing this information to other parts of an organization. Also gain optimization skills with technical aspects of information technology. Job opportunities include machine learning, 3D manufacturing, cyber security, and game development.

Chapman University Schmid College of Science and Technology

M.S. in Computational and Data Sciences
Develop and use applications that collect and organize information from different data sources. Explore the fields of bioinformatics, Earth science, population genetics, and predictive analytics. Accelerated program for undergraduates gives dual credit for up to 12 credit hours.

Chapman University Schmid College of Science & Technology

Master of Science in Computational and Data Sciences
Geared for students looking to apply statistical methods with analytics and mining. Incoming students should have academic experience in Python programming, statistics, and applied mathematics. Not meeting prerequisites requires foundational coursework before pursuing the program's introductory courses.

Chapman University Schmid College

Ph.D. in Computational and Data Sciences

70 total credit hours required to complete the doctorate program. 45 credit hours reserved for customization in various subjects and further analytics research. Application requirements include official transcripts, updated resume, and GRE scores. Previous coursework needed in computer programming, differential equations, and probability and statistics.

Claremont Graduate University Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT)

Masters of Science in Information Systems & Technology: Concentration in Data Science & Analytics
Data Science and Analytics concentration focuses on gathering relevant data for company improvement. Similar specializations include Cybersecurity and Networking, Geographic Information Systems, and Health Informatics.

Golden Gate University Ageno School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
San Francisco
Program available at the San Francisco campus location, online, or a hybrid format of both. Marketing and management tracks provide a pathway for different positions. Faculty members have worked with or hold enterprise connections with Oracle and Citi.

Loyola Marymount University Business

MS in Business Analytics
Los Angeles
Business Analytics discipline focuses on machine learning for automated solutions using data sets. Professional development services improve career opportunities, offer networking events, and personal assessment. Preparation workshops focus on interview skills and niche analytical techniques.

National University School of Engineering, Technology and Media

Master of Science in Data Analytics
La Jolla
Available at over 20 different campus locations or online. Geared toward experienced professionals in the field or recently completed their undergraduate studies. Courses distributed every four weeks, allowing students to enter the program monthly.

National University School of Engineering and Computing

Master of Science in Data Science
La Jolla
Available at over 20 different locations in California and Nevada or online. Students to learn how to analyze different sources of data and review usefulness. Covers how to gather and sort information with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Also looks at database design and how that impacts an organization using information.

National University School of Engineering and Computing

Online Master of Science in Data Science
La Jolla
Online courses in this data science program distributed on a monthly basis. Students may consider more convenient course times during the weekend and evening hours. All courses are available online and monthly admission is available.

National University School of Health and Human Services

Master of Science in Health and Life Science Analytics
La Jolla
Blends together analysis and identifying trends and patterns in a health care position. Process leads to better treatment plans and diagnosis for patient problems. Also provides better management of health care information for hospitals, clinics, and more. Students complete assignments either online or on campus with monthly courses.

Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management

M.S. in Applied Analytics
42 total credit hours complete the business analytics program. Available at the Malibu campus or online in one year during full-time study. Internship or research required if the student has not completed proper work experience. This program is a pathway to the full MBA program, which waives up to 20 credit hours.

Saint Marys College of California School of Economics and Business Administration

M.S. in Business Analytics
Approximately 12 months enrolled at Silicon Valley or 18 months studying at Moraga. Average of 22 students within each cohort to provide a more individualized experience. No work experience to get into the program, but should have an undergraduate degree. Applicants below a 3.0 cumulative GPA must submit GRE or GMAT scores to show academic capability.

San Diego State University Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age

M.S. in Big Data Analytics
San Diego
Graduate-level program in Big Data Analytics emphasizes large-scale data analysis. Data mining and machine learning concepts improve marketing, social networks, and more. Students enter small cohort with admission deadlines on an annual basis. Application encouraged regardless of prior educational background.

San Francisco State University College of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
San Francisco
Curriculum features seven core courses all students need to take and three electives. Topics available within electives include multivariate statistics, data mining, and machine learning. Complete in a span of three to four semesters with part-time or full-time enrollment.

San Jose State University College of Professional and Global Education

M.S. in Data Analytics
San Jose
10 courses cover database systems, big data technology, and deep learning capabilities. Program culminates with two segments of a capstone or thesis project. Incoming students must have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Should have at least a 3.0 GPA or higher throughout or in the last 60 credit hours of coursework. Prerequisites include at least one semester of college-level calculus, computer programming, and statistics.

Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
Santa Clara
Business Analytics discipline focuses on technical and data-heavy concepts. Identify valuable information within large data sets to determine useful trends and patters. Should be able to distribute information that is clear to executives and shareholders. Complete program in 16 months with course availability in the evening and Saturdays.

Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business

MBA with concentration in Data Science and Business Analytics
Santa Clara
MBA concentration implements data science into business solutions. Looks at how the analytical process impacts major tech industries and enterprises. 12 total credit hours needed for the Data Science and Business Analytics concentration. Examples of course content include R programming, mobile marketing, and database management.

Stanford University Stanford School of Engineering

Foundations for Data Science: Professional Certificate
Data science fundamentals with statistical analysis and using Python and R programming. Topics span three different online courses and there are no electives. Completed online and self-paced with students having 90 days to finish from enrollment.

Stanford University Stanford School of Engineering

M.S. in Statistics: Data Science

Statistics discipline breaks down the curriculum with various data science techniques and analytics. Students choose from various courses, but availability changes each seasonal term.

Stanford University Department of Computer Science

Master of Science In Computer Science, Specialization in Information Management and Analytics
Information Management and Analytics specialization focuses on the developing and maintaining organizational solutions. Courses include algorithms with efficient information retrieval and machine learning capability. Students also structure database systems that works best for their place of work.

University of California - Berkeley Berkeley School of Information

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Data Science Major

A Bachelor of Arts within the field of data science is available as a major or minor. Major emphasizes topics in data science techniques and probability. Students pick domain emphasis that applies data science skill set to a field. Examples include geospatial information, and social welfare and policy.

University of California - Berkeley Berkeley School of Information

Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS)
Students meet with faculty and students during Zoom meetings for discussion and analysis. Maintain various projects through GitHub integration in learning management system. Application requires submitting official transcripts showing prior undergraduate completion. Also need two letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and professional resume.

University of California - Berkeley datascience@Berkeley

Online Master of Information and Data Science

Combine technical skills interpreting data and applying this toward a certain profession. Examples include business management or policy development at different levels of the government. Applicants should submit official transcripts that show completion of an undergraduate degree. GRE or GMAT scores are optional for this process.

University of California - Davis Department of Statistics

B.S. in Statistics: Statistical Data Science

Focuses on introductory coursework and advanced statistical topics within data science. Example courses include Multivariate Data Analytics and High Performance Statistical Computing. Statistical concentration focuses on completing analysis tasks through data mining and manipulation. Beneficial for those that are looking for graduate-level education in the future.

University of California - Davis Graduate School of Management

Hybrid MBA with Business Analytics and Technologies Concentration
MBA program requires 72 total credit hours and offered in a variety of different formats. Standard pathway requires three years of enrollment students attend classes on alternate weekends. For a quicker two-year program, a third course adds to the alternative weekend off.

University of California - Irvine UCI Extension School

Predictive Analytics Certificate Program
Predictive analytics focuses on big data and using statistics to make informed decisions. Concepts include using qualitative data from clients and consumers or identifying activity trends. Many courses within the program are online, but availability changes each semester.

University of California - San Diego Departments of Computer Science and Engineering

Master of Advanced Study in Data Science and Engineering
San Diego
10 total courses provide skills in raw data cleaning and maintaining large data sets. Tools used for managing databases include Hadoop and Spark. Curriculum and final capstone are during alternative Fridays and Saturdays over two years.

University of California - Irvine Merage School of Business

B.S. in Data Science

Major combines technical aspects of computing and programming with analytical skills for solutions. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above with C grades or higher in certain computer science courses. Graduates have gone to work at big tech companies and various levels of government.

University of California - Irvine Merage School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
13 courses combine aspects of data organization and how to improve business procedures. Elective options include Marketing Analytics, Mastering Predictive Analytics, and Natural Language Processing. 90 percent of graduates have gone on to receive job placement in the STEM field within the first six months.

University of California - Los Angeles UCLA Samueli School Of Engineering

M.S. in Engineering With Certificate of Specialization in Data Science Engineering
Los Angeles

Four courses with subjects in large-scale data, machine learning algorithms, and database systems. Five elective courses and comprehensive exam or capstone project rounds out the program. Many written exams focused on various data science selected by the student.

University of California - Riverside

Master of Science in Engineering with a specialization in Data Science

Online experience offered for the engineering-focused Master's degree with no residency requirements. Can finish in a little over one year, and admittance takes place at three different times during the year. Data Science concentration is four courses in data mining methods and visualization strategy.

University of California - San Diego Rady School of Management

M.S. in Business Analytics
San Diego
Core subjects in this degree include reviewing and analyzing consumer, business operations data. Final capstone project that demonstrates competency within this field. Students can complete the program in 11 months with full-time enrollment. Another consideration is the 17-month flex program that offers education over consecutive weekends.

University of California - San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

Master of Advanced Study in Data Science and Engineering
San Diego
Students complete 10 courses in data science and engineering across two years. Courses available on Fridays and Saturdays during the part-time format. Subjects include case study review in the field and data management systems. Geared toward professionals that have some experience in big data for executive roles.

University of Pacific School of Engineering and Computer Science

Master of Science in Data Science
Should have academic work in statistics, Python and/or R programming, and calculus. Should hold Bachelor's degree with a 2.65 GPA or higher and submit two letters of recommendation. Graduate testing scores, such as the GRE and GMAT, are not required to submit for this program.

University of San Diego School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
San Diego
Offers foundational topics within business data and optimization using statistical analysis. Use statistical tools such as Python programming, SQL for databases, and Tableau. Common positions include market research analyst, supply chain manager, and chief marketing officer.

University of San Francisco College of Arts and Sciences

BS in Data Science
San Francisco

Data Science major requires a total of 56 total credit hours in the Bachelor's degree. Topics include linear regression techniques and understanding statistics and probability through various applications. Capstone project emphasizes a specific aspect of data science and showcases abilities.

University of San Francisco College of Arts and Sciences

M.S. in Data Science
San Francisco
Offered in downtown San Francisco. Geared toward full-time students and one year of studies. Covers statistical modeling, deep learning, and data visualization. Practicum gives students opportunity to study in a real-world setting for nine months.

University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions

Master of Science in Health Informatics
San Francisco
Theory and technical practice of combining data analytics with the health care sector. Includes emphasis on positive impact of analytics over the years and improvement possibilities. Admission requires a Bachelor's degree with at least a 3.0 GPA or higher and commitment to health care.

University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering

M.S. in Analytics
Los Angeles
Analytics program provides theory and practice in many data science topics. Explore mining information from various sources and applying machine learning to algorithms. Present findings in a clear and concise way to other departments of an organization. 30 credit hours include required analytics courses and computer/data science electives.

University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering

M.S. in Applied Data Science
Los Angeles
Applied Data Science discipline offers advanced education in Python and R programming. Students work with relational databases, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Background in computer science or engineering recommended. 32 credit hours required with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA to fulfill program requirements.

University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
Los Angeles
Gather data from various sources and use statistical methods to solve business problems. Specific statistical skills and machine learning capabilities include using k-means and decision trees. Collaborate with other team members for solving business issues and choosing best options.

University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering

Master of Science in Business Analytics
Los Angeles

Gain technical skills in machine learning, optimization processes, and business strategies. Soft skills in team collaboration and communication for presentations and important business decisions.

University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Science - Data Science
Los Angeles
Data Science emphasis requires core knowledge in algorithm development and artificial intelligence. Students select at least one technical course within information systems and data analysis. Another course in analytical processes that use information for organizational benefit.

University of the Pacific School of Engineering and Computer Science

M.S. in Data Science
Skills and training in the classroom during weekday nights with flexible study time. Incoming students should have completed a Bachelor's degree in any discipline. Some coursework needed in statistics, linear algebra, and Python and/or R programming.
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In-depth review of a few online Data Science programs in California, Updated for 2024

University of California-Berkeley: MIDS Degree

Completing the program can take between 12 to 32 months depending on the speed chosen. The curriculum is 27 units with core classes focusing on data engineering, data visualization, research design, statistical analysis, and more. Featured courses for the MIDS degree include Applied Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, and the legal and ethical issues around data science. There is a capstone project at the end that completes the program.

What courses would look like

Weekly live class meetings will have 18 students at maximum and various features will be available, such as document sharing and group activities. Students have the option to choose a PC or mobile platform for their classes and all lectures will be recorded for on-demand access. There is a need for a week-long residency at the UC Berkeley campus to meet with faculty and other students, as well as meeting with professionals in the data science field.

National University: MS in Data Science

The San Diego-based college provides a Master of Science in Data Science that can be completed on-campus or online. Geared toward experienced professionals or recent graduates, the program offers unique features such as studying each course one month at a time for convenience. The curriculum is across 13 courses with 58.5 units, and students learn abilities such as data management and machine learning methods, creating and analyzing data files, and developing team productivity to research and improve company performance.

Requirements and what you could do

The program concludes with a three-month capstone project and has a requirement of students receiving a cumulative 3.0 GPA for the previous courses. Students will either work with real data from sponsored companies or other university-approved public data to analyze problems and develop solutions, showcasing the skills they have learned in their education.

Stanford University: Foundations of Data Science Certificate

For those needing quick statistics and programming education, the Stanford School of Engineering offers a Foundations of Data Science certification. There are only three courses needed to complete curriculum, including an introduction to statistics and a deep dive into Python and R programming. The entire program will take around 30 to 40 hours to complete and is entirely self-paced for up to 90 days after enrollment. There is no requirement to have prior experience before joining and no final exams or capstone projects to complete the certificate.

Campus Based Data Science Programs in California

MSDS Program at the University of San Francisco

At the University of San Francisco's MSDS program (website), students will run through a boot camp to establish a foundation with data science knowledge and techniques, and they will further enhance their capability by exploring advanced topics in statistical modeling, natural language processing, machine learning, and more. Through a partnership with Amazon, students will be able to utilize the AWS environment and the software tools they use to develop and maintain database systems and run applications.

Data Scholarship Opportunities within California

A couple of scholarships are available for data science graduates entering the University of California-Berkeley. The Jack Larson Data for Good Fellowship offers an $8,500 award for those completing a Master of Information in Data Science degree and they must show how they are using the education to create a better life and society. Another scholarship for MIDS students that can demonstrate financial need waives the week-long residency fee of $500.

Women in STEM

For women that are members of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Women in Engineering for at least a year, they are eligible for a scholarship from the organization if they are enrolled in the MIDS program at UC-Berkeley. The award is up to $7,500 toward tuition.

Students working in the Master of Science in Data Science program at the University of San Francisco are automatically entered into a university-sponsored scholarship that is between a $2,000 and $10,000 award. Those with high academic marks will be considered.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in California

DATAx San Francisco

DATAx San Francisco DATAx San Francisco Website
San Francisco has hosted multiple DATAx summits, covering machine learning innovation, AI in marketing and healthcare, big data, and gaming analytics. DATAx hosts the biggest gaming analytics conference in the world, where leading professionals share the impact of data science and what methods they use for success with AAA publishers such as Ubisoft, Activision, and Electronic Arts.

Another summit, AI in Marketing, collects various high-level marketers and data scientists from a wide variety of companies like Uber, Instacart, and GoDaddy. Attendees will learn how AI helps bring in customers and keeps them using products and services, as well as learning the latest disruptive technology.

Big Data Science

Boasting with over 5,000 members, one of the biggest monthly meetups is the Big Data Science group in Fremont. Every fourth Sunday of the month, content involves general information around AI, machine learning, and the internet of the things, along with interactive experience with using software tools. Students of all levels in data science are welcome to join.

Parents are welcome to join younger students, but only one as meetings are limited in size. Location of the meetings vary and other in-depth topics they have covered are chatbots, blockchain, and automation.

Data Science Careers in California

When it comes to opportunities in the tech industry, it is no surprise that as of 2021, California leads the way with over 1,880,000 jobs and is the fastest-growing state in the country according to CompTIA.

Only the state of Washington comes close to their level of employment in STEM along the Western portion of the United States.

Aside from Silicon Valley, there are other cities in California for data science careers

Of the many popular metro areas in the state, the Bay Area combination of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Santa Clara has over 425,000 workers compared to the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim area with over 327,000 opportunities. IT services is the leading industry sector with positive 3.9 percent year-over-year growth.

Because the state is so big, having 9.4 percent of the workforce represent the tech industry is significant. This represents over a $482 billion impact in the economy. The median salary for workers in California sits at $96,237, which is only lower than Washington across the entire country. It is higher than 101 percent of the median national wages.