Online Information Systems Degrees (MIS)

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Computers and technology are a tremendous part of the United States today. Schools, businesses, hospitals, and households use computers for information storage, entertainment, and communication each day. Professionals that are responsible for developing software and hardware for these computers are a huge part of why these programs have become such an important part of the American lifestyle. If you want to be a part of this increasingly important field, you might be interested in pursuing a degree in information systems.

Online MIS Degree Programs

In information systems degree programs, students can learn the basics of computer languages, how to use them to create effective programs, and how to use information data to increase performance and usefulness of computer programs. At lower degree levels, such as the bachelors program, students can take introductory courses that increase their knowledge of programming languages before packing on more knowledge at higher degree levels.

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Online Information Systems Programs

Over the years, online degree programs have grown more popular for upcoming professionals. While IT-based degree programs have continuously grown, the demand for online educational programs has only recently sky-rocketed for new and upcoming students. One of the main reasons why these programs have grown so popular is the increase in reliability and accreditation for programs that are offered in the online domain. Students are lessening their apprehensions about entering into online programs, which is making them a more preferred option.

While online degree programs provide the same information as traditional programs, students may find that the delivery is slightly different in some cases. Some online degree programs require that students read and review the curriculum on their own, while others provide videos and other media to help during the learning process. This integration of different learning systems can help students diversify their abilities to learn while enrolled in these programs.

What is this Online Degree Like?

For the information systems degree specifically, students may be required to engage in their own programming practice, program development, and problem solving while on the online course room. Since most information systems work is conducted via computer, students may receive better practice through doing their studies online. Classes may last a whole semester or be shorter in duration. Some colleges have courses that last 8 to 10 weeks, with students taking 1 at a time in order to maximize their short timeframe.

In addition to the layout of online courses, students may have work experience requirements at higher degree levels. This could mean working for an IT company during an internship or attending seminars and practice sessions on-campus. It is important to review these requirements prior to committing to any specific degree program.

Online Information Sciences Programs

Information systems degree programs are widely popular throughout the United States. Traditional and online institutions offer high numbers of degree programs within this field, likely due to rise in technology-dependence in this country. More students are finding that these degree programs can lead to many different types of career paths, since business and organizations in varying fields rely on computer information systems to conduct their daily business. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in this field, take a look below at some of the reputable schools and programs available for you to choose from.

  • The University of California – Berkeley: MS in Information and Data Science
  • The University of Colorado – Denver: MS in Information Systems
  • The University of Florida: MS in Information Systems
  • The University of Arizona: Online MS MIS
  • Northwestern University: Online MS in Information Systems

Typical Courses

  • Systems Design: Starting from the basics, students in this course can learn the steps and requirements for designing new systems. Project design, teamwork, and testing may be topics that are discussed throughout this course.
  • IT Project Management: In this course, students can use the information provided in previous courses to develop their own methods for project management through mock studies and practice. This course is used as a practice tool for students that are nearing the end of their degree program.
  • Design Thinking: The goal of this course is to help students transform their thoughts into reality. Instructors of Design Thinking help to engrain skills and tools in students that can help them bring their innovations to life.

Career Options and Salary Info

Your job title as an information systems specialist can reflect what your responsibilities are in your position. Sometimes, a job title in one career can mean something totally different at another. This is one of the reasons that people choose to pursue this degree. The versatility of information systems professionals can make them an irreplaceable asset to the companies that hire them. After attending and completing a degree program, you could be this asset for companies that are in need. The list of careers and salaries below are national averages and can change as the years progress.

Online Programs

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M.S. Healthcare Informatics & Information Management Online (Oklahoma)

University of Arizona

Master in Management Information Systems Online (Arizona)

University of Maryland

Online MBA - Specialization in Information Systems & Business Analytics Online (Maryland)