Doctorate in Data Science Degrees

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Data science degrees are widely available for students that are interested in pursuing a career that involves a look into computer systems, analytics, and problem solving.

At the very top of the chain, doctorate programs can provide students with top-notch knowledge of this field, which can contribute to ample career opportunities throughout their work experience.

Doctorate programs in Data Science are a great way for students to gain additional skills in data science application and research, which could set them apart from others working in the field. Students that wish to pursue leadership positions within this field may also benefit from a degree at this level.

We do not have any featured Doctor of Data Science programs. You may consider a featured graduate certificate, or read on for more information about the Data Science Doctorate degree.

Doctorate of Data Science Programs (PhD)

While doctorate programs within this field can vary, students may see some similarities between the coursework, duration, and outcome of these individual programs.

Our analysts have researched some of the most popular programs available throughout the United States, in an effort to give you more information about what each consists of and what they could provide for your future. Read along in the guide below to learn more about this fascinating and popular field.

Data Science programs can be found at all degree levels, which makes for a great option for students that are interested in going the farthest with their education.

You might also consider the PhD in Data Science - both the Doctorate in Data Science and PhD in Data Science are terminal degrees within Data Science and have similarities and differences.

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Online PhD in Data Science Programs

Some students choose to pursue their degree online for various reasons. One of the most popular reasons for pursuing a degree online may be the convenience that online education can provide. Online Doctorates in Data Science are an excellent and innovative option for students that are looking for a little diversity in their learning. Online Doctor of Computer Science and related programs in this field can be found all over the country, with some offering specialized majors for students that want to gain expertise in certain areas.

The implementation of online degree programs in data science has changed the way that people view higher education. It is no longer a burden or inconvenience to pursue a higher degree, since most students can engage in further learning from their own home at their own convenience.

If you are looking for ways to increase your presence within the field of data science, but do not wish to push back other obligations in your life -an online Data Science degree program may be the best solution for you.

What Is the Online Doctorate of Data Science Degree Like?

In online doctorate programs, students may have the opportunity to take part in individual research assignments. This may include instructors providing issues which students must plan for. Some colleges may require students to engage in some face-to-face experiences in order to gain the most from their degree program, while others may be 100% online.

The online classroom can provide a supportive environment that students can use at their convenience. Contact with instructors and other students is often as easy as posting on a discussion board, making it a great way to get quick answers to common questions. The online Doctorate in Data Science can take around 4 years to complete for those that hold a bachelors degree, or 2 years for those that have already obtained their Masters in Data Science.

Here Are Several Doctorate in Data Science Programs

It can be overwhelming to sort through all of the Doctorate in Data Science degree programs all over the country. Since different colleges provide slightly different layouts of their program, there is a lot to consider when making your choice. The colleges below provide doctorate programs that can offer students high quality information and relevance within the field of data science. Take a look below at the schools and programs that may be available for you to choose from.

  • Chapman University: Doctoral degree in Computational and Data Sciences
  • Colorado Technical University: Doctoral degree in Big Data Analytics
  • Yale University: Doctoral degree in Statistics and Data Science
  • Kennesaw State University: Doctoral degree in Analytics and Data Science
  • Worcester Polytechnic University: Doctoral degree in Data Science

Typical Doctorate Level Courses

Choosing a university is only half the battle. Within these different programs, the courses may vary depending on where you enroll. The courses for this level of a program should dive deeper into the aspects of data science that are important for upcoming professionals. Other topics such as leadership and management should be discussed throughout this program, since doctorate holders often qualify for this level of position within organizations all over the country. Take a look at the list of courses below.

  • Business Intelligence: This innovative course helps students learn more about the importance of technology in the business setting. Students may learn about data collection and data analysis in terms of its importance to making business flow smoother and provide more innovation for future growth.
  • Intro to Big Data Analytics: Students involved with this course may become more familiarized with the terms and concepts behind big data problems, systems, and applications. Students may also learn the functionality of big data frameworks for future use in the field.
  • Concurrent and Distributed Systems: This course can help students master the understanding of programming in these styles. The use of multi-threading, networking, and simulation may be part of this course, in order to give students the most beneficial experience for their upcoming careers.

Career Options and Salary Info

The career that you achieve after completing your doctorate degree should be representative of all of the hard work that you put into gaining your degree. At this level, you could pursue jobs that offer extensive research into data analytics, IT positions in various specialized fields, or even in education.

Some degree holders even become eligible for leadership positions within their current jobs. The jobs below list some of the most common titles for graduates within this field. The salary information is provided by averages, since income can be different depending on the level of experience you have and what part of the United States you reside in.

Online Programs

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