Online Health Informatics Degrees

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Health informatics is an emerging degree option that can assist you in learning more about the computer systems, data storage, IT software used within the healthcare setting. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are leaning more on technology as a method for better organizing their data, which can increase their ability to effectively treat patients on a daily basis.

Health informatics programs teach the basic essentials of healthcare information systems, as well as the technical skills required to keep them up to date and in operation on a daily basis.

Online Health Informatics Degree Programs

We have been researching data science programs and their resulting careers since 2017. In order to help you learn more about data science and its professional trajectory, we have developed this helpful guide to give you more information about which degree program is best for you. Take a look at the guide below to learn more about health informatics and the innovative methods of learning you can indulge in along the way.

Health Informatics Degrees at a Glance

A lot of upcoming college students may have considered the field of health care when looking for degree programs that can lead to successful and long-lasting careers. Healthcare is a field that is continuously growing and changing in an effort to provide better services to communities and more innovative treatments to those seeking care. If you would like to blend your interests of the healthcare field with your skills in technology, you could consider the field of health informatics for your degree program.

One of the most interesting components of health informatics degree programs is that they can be found at nearly every degree level. Students that are just beginning their collegiate adventure could choose from undergraduate or certificate programs to help them get started in the field. Graduates of bachelors programs in information technology, business, or nursing can also enroll in masters programs in an effort to qualify for informatics positions in healthcare organizations all over the country.

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Online Degrees in Health Informatics

Technology is a major focus in today's society. People use it for communicating, shopping, managing personal finance, and even when pursuing their education. If you are the type of person that has little free time for attending college courses or simply desire a more convenient option for your education, online degree programs in health informatics could be the right choice for you. Online degrees in this field can be found at reputable universities all over the U.S. Certificate programs, bachelors degrees, and masters degrees are some of the most pursued programs, since they can lead to many different types of careers in the healthcare field.

Finding undergraduate programs related to health administration or technology

Online undergraduate programs in health informatics can be a great start for you on your journey to career success. Some students can complete bachelors programs focusing on either subjects in information technology or those specializing in a particular branch of healthcare. Your experience in the online setting can be comparable to students on-campus, with discussions, exams, and research papers being major components in your program. The estimated completion time of your undergraduate online program can vary depending on the school you choose, with most lasting around 4 years for most students.

Consider certifications

Alternative options for your online program can be found in certification or graduate-level programs. If you are like many other students pursuing this field, you may already have an existing degree and are simply seeking a way to gain entry into this field without completing a whole new degree program. Online certificate programs in Health Informatics can provide you with skills relevant to healthcare information systems that can be used as a complement to your current degree.

Masters Degrees in Health Informatics

Students with a strong determination to enter into the field of health informatics can do so through online Masters in Health Informatics degree programs. This is one of the most popular types of degree programs for current professionals in the field, since it provides learners with specific and focused information about technology in the healthcare environment. Some of the course work involved in this program focuses on healthcare laws and regulations, protected health information storage and retrieval, and information security.

If you have an interest in enrolling in online Masters in Health Informatics programs, you should seek out reliable degree programs within your area. One of the advantages of enrolling in an online program is that you can find programs anywhere in the U.S. that are seeking applicants to their programs. Our team has located a few schools that are currently accepting new students into their programs and has provided them below. Take a look at the programs provided to learn more about what to expect.

  • The University of South Florida – Online MS in Health Informatics: USF currently has an innovative online Master of Science in Health Informatics for students pursuing entry into this incredible field. This school outlines the importance of software and hardware familiarity through their program, as well as techniques for data management and storage in the healthcare setting. Students can complete 32 credit hours in this program to graduate, which can result in a 1.5-2 year commitment for most students.
  • Arizona State University – Online Master of Advanced Study in Health Informatics: Upcoming students that are interested in pursuing a degree program that can allow them to explore technologically advanced methods of data analytics, patient information storage, and software management in the healthcare setting can pursuing ASU’s competitive online Mater of Advanced Study in Health Informatics program. This program consists of a 30 credit hour requirement that can be completed in around 1.5 years.

Career Options for Health Informatics Graduates

The field of health informatics may have played a role in the further development of healthcare systems in the United States. Professionals in this field can be helpful in the development of newer and more efficient record-keeping technologies in a wide variety of healthcare settings, making it an excellent field for you to consider for your lifetime. The most popular career positions in this field can be found right within hospitals and other healthcare settings in your own community. Health informatics specialists work specifically with computer systems in their organization in areas such as patient data storage, protection, and retrieval.

Career options with a graduate degree

If you choose to pursue masters degrees or higher during your program, you could also use your education and experience to obtain leadership positions in the healthcare field. Leaders in hospitals and medical offices with higher education focusing on health informatics can be valuable to the organizations in which they work. In these positions, you could oversee the work of information technologists, analyze large amounts of patient data, and even develop new strategies for information maintenance within your facility.

Masters of Data Science Degrees

Career options focused on Information Technology

Some professionals that choose this type of degree program can also work in IT research focused on the needs of the healthcare environment. New technologies are consistently being reviewed and tested, in order to keep hospitals up to date with the latest and fastest technologies. Since healthcare organizations store some of the most sensitive and protected information it is vital to have programs that are safeguarded from unauthorized acquisition and hacks.

Working in colleges, universities, and higher education

Health informatics specialists can also be found in the educational setting. As more and more innovation takes place in the fields of healthcare and information technology, new students may be entering into educational programs in an effort to be trained to manage healthcare information systems. Higher degrees in this field can assist you with obtaining careers at colleges and universities focused on teaching others about the tools and techniques used in the field.

Online Health Informatics Programs

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University Program Online/State

Davenport University

Master of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management Online (Michigan)

Drexel University Online

Online Master's in Health Informatics Online (Pennsylvania)

Medical University of South Carolina

Master of Science in Health Informatics Online (South Carolina)

Middle Tennessee State University

Master of Science in Professional Science (M.S. with a concentration in Health Care Informatics) Online (Tennessee)

Misericordia University

Master of Science in Healthcare Analytics Online (Pennsylvania)

Northeastern University

Master of Science in Health Informatics Online (Massachusetts)

Northeastern University

Master of Science in Health Informatics Online (Massachusetts)

Ohio State University

Master of Public Health in Biomedical Informatics Online (Ohio)

Saint Joseph's University

Online Master's in Health Administration: Informatics Specialization Online (Pennsylvania)

Saint Louis University

Masters in Health Data Science Online (Missouri)

Southern New Hampshire University

MS in Information Technology - Healthcare Informatics Online (New Hampshire)

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

M.S. Healthcare Informatics & Information Management Online (Oklahoma)

St. Catherine University

Masters in Health Informatics Online (Utah)

Temple University

Master of Science in Health Informatics Online (Pennsylvania)

The College of Saint Scholastica

M.S. Health Informatics Online (Minnesota)

The University of Texas at Dallas

Master of Science in Healthcare Management with Specialization in Healthcare informatics Online (Texas)

University of California - Davis

Master's of Health Informatics Online (California)

University of California - Davis

Master's of Health Informatics Online (California)

University of Cincinnati

Master of Science in Health Informatics Online (Ohio)

University of Cincinnati

Master of Science in Health Informatics Online (Ohio)

University of Illinois at Chicago

Master of Science in Health Informatics Research Track Online (Illinois)

University of Southern California

Master of Science in Healthcare Decision Analysis Concentration in Business Intelligence Online (California)