Online Data Science Degree Programs

Last Reviewed/Updated: February 20, 2020

Data science has definitely carved its place into society in conjunction with technological innovation. More businesses than ever may be relying on the information given from data processors to help make better financial and practical decisions in the workplace. Students that gravitate towards this major often have a strong background in computer information systems, mathematics, statistics, and critical thinking. Degree programs that focus on data science also focus on these factors, regardless of the degree level.

Featured Online Data Science Programs

Online Data Science Degrees

The introduction of online degree programs may have truly changed the way that people view higher education. While traditional degree programs in data science may have been the first option for people interested in changing the way that data is processed, more people are now choosing the online route for their education.

These online Data Science programs are reviewed and accredited, which makes them a reliable option for students that are concerned with the quality and application of their degree.

For a comprehensive analysis, read our guide to schools with online Masters in Data Science programs. In that guide we hand-reviewed over 130 different schools that have an Online Masters in Data Science.

Featured Online Data Science Programs

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Online Data Science Programs

In order to locate an online degree program in data science, upcoming students can simply conduct a web search. This can bring in numerous results for well-known colleges all over the country that have convenient offerings for students. While it is always important to review the relevance and reliability of a chosen degree program, students are more likely to choose a program that is offered by a college that they are familiar with. This program is generally widespread, likely making it easier to find the right program for you.

The majority of this degree program focuses on the tactics and methods available for analyzing large amounts of data. Since most of the work conducted in this field is through the use of computers and computer programs, students may be more likely to succeed when working in an online setting. In terms of appropriateness, this degree program is definitely one that could be considered relevant in an online setting in comparison to the traditional environment.

What is this Online Degree Like?

Online degree programs in data science may look very different depending on which college you choose for your education. Each college has their own special plan for students that take part in them, which could make your experience unique between each university. Bachelors programs may be around 4 years, while masters can last 2 to 3 years for most students. Online doctoral programs can be anywhere from 2 to 4 years for students, depending on what level they have achieved prior to enrolling.

The curriculum in online degree programs is also very similar to what may be found in traditional programs. The only real difference is that online degree programs deliver their material via online classes. Students may be required to indulge in a lot of independent learning experience, self-motivation, and discipline during their learning process. If you have experience working with technology and are comfortable with navigating computers, online degree programs in data science may be the best option for you.

A Few Online Data Science Degrees

Individual degree programs in data science are available at online and traditional universities all over the country. Online programs are reachable by students regardless of their location, which contributes to their popularity among current and upcoming college students. As you can see in the list below, some of most widely-known universities across the country offer this incredible degree program, which is great information for students that may be concerned about the quality of online educational programs.

  • Syracuse University: Online MS in Data Science
  • The University of California – Berkeley: Online MS in Information and Data Science
  • Southern Methodist University: Online MS in Data Science
  • Johns Hopkins University: MS in Data Science
  • Colorado Technical University: Online BS in Data Science

Typical Online Courses in Data Science

Data science degree programs at the bachelors, masters, or even doctoral level can have diverse course offerings in many different subjects. Since this is a highly multidisciplinary field, students within these programs may be expected to take part in statistics courses, those that are concerned with information technology and innovation, and even those that touch on some of the business aspects of data. Your experience in this degree program can help you to learn more about what is required from professionals in this field. Read more about the courses that you may see in this program below.

  • Data Science: This course can be found at many degree levels. The purpose of courses such as this one is to introduce students to the various fields that play a role in the field of data science. Engineering, statistics, modeling, and machine learning are a few of the topics that come into play when creating effective data science professionals.
  • Machine Learning: In current society, the use of machine learning has grown beyond what was originally expected. Students within this course can learn more about the methods present for creating machines that can act without having been programmed to do so. Some advanced learning in information systems and data analysis may be required for this course.
  • Advanced Statistics: Statistics in an incredibly important component of data science. This course outlines some of the advanced concepts found within this field, such as distribution, probability, and hypothetic situations.

Careers in Data Science

There are a few different factors that can influence what you do and what you make after graduating with a degree in data science. The level of degree that you choose to pursue can be a leading factor, since higher-tier positions typically require students to have a higher degree. Doctoral degrees in data science may also lead to careers that are research-oriented in nature. Whichever degree program you choose, there are many options for careers available once actively in the field. The amount you earn as a professionals can depend on your career field and experience. Your location in the United States may also have an effect on what you can earn as a professional in the field of data science.