Data Science Programs in Alabama

Number of Data Science Programs in Alabama

There is a good variety of data science opportunities in higher education in the state of Alabama. Among the most popular universities, the University of Alabama offers a Master's in Marketing and Business Administration with analytical specializations.

Auburn University also offers the latter option, and UAB offers an MBA online and a Master of Science in Data Science on their Birmingham campus.

Quick Overview of Alabama Data Science Degree Programs

Schools in Alabama with data science programs include:
  • Auburn University: Bachelor in Data Science Online Master of Business Administration with concentration in Business Analytics
  • University of Alabama: M.S. degree in Applied Statistics, Data Mining Track Master of Science in Applied Statistics Master of Science in Marketing, Specialization in Marketing Analytics MBA with concentration in Business Analytics MS in Operations Management - Decision Analytics Track Ph.D. in Applied Statistics
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham: M.S. in Data Science
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Featured Online Data Science Programs

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Available Online Data Science Programs for Alabama

Online Data Science Programs Based in Alabama

Online Data Science Programs in Alabama

University of Alabama

The Manderson Graduate School of Business provides a number of options in higher education for data science. One of the online options is a Master of Science in Marketing with a specialization in Marketing Analytics. Students will learn how to oversee and create marketing campaigns based on data management and analytics. The program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

32 credit hours in marketing and statistics are needed to complete the degree. Coursework will be divided with a capstone project geared toward marketing at the end of the curriculum and an additional marketing elective. Statistic courses that will be taken are Statistical Methods, Statistical Data Management, Advanced Statistical Data Management, Data Mining I, and Advanced Data Mining.

Another online program offered is a Master of Science in Operations Management with a track in Decision Analytics. This will take anywhere from 18 to 24 months to complete for part-time students and is worth 30 credit hours. Electives under the Decision Analysis pathway are Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis, Production Scheduling Problems, Inventory Management, Manufacturing Scheduling and Control Systems, and students have an option of a restricted elective between Advanced Statistical Data Management and Business Analytics Support Systems.

Admission into either of these programs should meet the recommendations of having a cumulative 3.3 GPA in an undergraduate degree and having a B or higher in a Calculus I course or similar. Prospective students should also submit GMT or GRE scores, a statement of purpose, resume, and letters of recommendations. Other programs at the Tuscaloosa campus include a Master of Science in Applied Statistics and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics.

Auburn University

The Raymond J Harbert College of Business offers a Master of Business Administration online. Courses are distributed through the Canvas learning management system, which provides opportunity to speak with faculty and other classmates and it is where most homework is completed and submitted. Students are able to complete the program in two and a half years, taking two courses each semester, but they have up to six years to graduate.

13 classes are needed to complete the curriculum, with nine core business classes and four electives to customize the degree. Various elective courses include Predictive Modeling, Big Data, Current Issues in Information Systems, and using social media for business strategy.

University of Alabama-Birmingham

UAB offers an online Master of Science in Management Information Systems that can be completed within a year. The program is geared to those that are already in an IT profession and are looking to improve their skills in business communication, technology, and security. Students that have a degree similar to this program have worked as an information systems manager, IT security manager, and chief technology officer.

The curriculum consists of MIS bridge courses such as Business Programming and Database Management, MIS systems core courses, then electives. There are three different concentrations to choose from: Cyber Security Management, IT Management, and Business Analytics. Courses are offered in asynchronous format and there is no requirement to attend campus.

Scholarship Opportunities within Alabama

Both graduates and undergraduates are eligible for the College of Continuing Studies scholarships if they are enrolled into an online program. The Robert M. and Muriel R. Barksdale Endowed Scholarship is eligible for those that have graduated from a high school in West Alabama and meet high academic merit. The William E. Bright Endowment offers a scholarship to an employee of a company that is a member of the Alabama Natural Gas Association, or their employee.

The Campbell-Ellis Endowed Scholarship provides an award for those that are working full-time and accomplished 12 credit hours of schooling with a 3.0 GPA or higher. Other scholarship opportunities include those that are in the Air Force, working in a position that benefits the autism community, or are single parents.

Graduate assistantships are also available at Auburn University, provided they maintain a 3.0 GPA and receive positive marks from their supervisor. Tuition is waived for the semester and there is up to an $804 stipend per month.

Data Science Careers in Alabama

Alabama is right in the middle of all 50 states when it comes to opportunities in the tech sector with over 147,500 employed according to CompTIA. Engineering, research and development, and testing service jobs have grown by 2.2 percent year-over-year.

Average salary is at $77,956 statewide, which is on the higher end when compared to other states in the Southeast. Some of the biggest tech hubs in the state are in Huntsville and Birmingham. The former offers opportunities in Davidson Technologies, IBM, and Comcast, with the latter having some banking and investment jobs at BBVA Compass Bank and Protective Life.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in Alabama

Startup Weekend Tuscaloosa

Startup Weekend Tuscaloosa Startup Weekend Tuscaloosa Website
This annual gathering in Tuscaloosa is geared toward helping entrepreneurs to add to a growing business or showcase a product to experienced professionals from a number of various industries. The first day offers an opportunity to pitch ideas and attendees will vote and form relatable teams.

Mentoring sessions feature experts helping out budding entrepreneurs throughout most of the second day, and the third day will feature more workshops and final presentations on ideas before they are eventually awarded by a group of judges.

Alabama Data Science Career Statistics Information

Number of people employed within the tech industry: 147,542
Change in jobs from 2017 to 2018: 1,888
Average tech industry salary in Alabama: $77,956
Estimated Alabama tech salaries range: From $48,946 to $117,866
Male Employment: 58,799 (68)
Female Employment: 27,952 (32)
* Data sourced from CompTIA,, a data aggregate for tech workforce analytics.

List of Alabama Data Science Programs

Campus-based and Online programs
University Program Location

Auburn University Business

Bachelor in Data Science
Main courses include Predictive Modeling, Enterprise Management of Big Data, and Strategic Management. Elective topics offered are database management and marketing research. Internship applies concepts and theory from the program into a real-world situation.

Auburn University Raymond J. Harbert College of Business

Online Master of Business Administration with concentration in Business Analytics
Online MBA program geared toward established professionals that will continue working part-time. 13 total courses with topics in analytics and consumer theory. Elective options customize the degree for a particular business position.

University of Alabama Manderson Graduate School of Business

M.S. degree in Applied Statistics, Data Mining Track
Analytics track offers data mining and management skills when working with big data. 25 percent of the curriculum can include transfer credit if B grade or higher received. Any thesis-related coursework is not eligible for transfer.

University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Business

Master of Science in Applied Statistics
Two options are available for concentrations within the graduate program: Statistics and Analytics. Statistics specialization focuses on data mining and management topics. Analytics track gives students an option to learn R programming and quality control.

University of Alabama Manderson Graduate School of Business

Master of Science in Marketing, Specialization in Marketing Analytics

Offered online with advanced topics in statistics and probability concepts in marketing. Admission into the program requires at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA. Three letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose is also needed.

University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Commerce

MBA with concentration in Business Analytics
Completed over the course of three semesters. Recommended that students have prior academics in accounting, statistics, and calculus. Uses software solutions for data analysis and identify trends and patterns in sources.

University of Alabama Manderson Graduate School of Business

MS in Operations Management - Decision Analytics Track
Two tracks are available in this Master's program: Operations Management and Decision Analytics. Restricted electives include Supply Chain Modeling, Inventory Management, and Advanced Statistical Data Management. Estimated completion time of 18 months to 2 years.

University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Business

Ph.D. in Applied Statistics
Core subjects in statistics and technical analytics, elective options, and dissertation research. Students must complete the program with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Entrance exam required after initial year and comprehensive exam after 12 credit hours.

University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Computer Science

M.S. in Data Science
Main curriculum features four core courses that all students take. Six electives to customize the program to fit certain positions. Can replace six credit hours with a Master's thesis that approved by faculty members.

University of Alabama in Huntsville College of Business

M.S. in Management Science – Business Analytics
Completed on-campus at the Huntsville location during evening hours with some online availability. 30 credit hours meet degree requirements with completion time in 12 to 20 months. Prerequisite in statistics added to the curriculum if not met before enrollment.

University of Alabama in Huntsville College of Business

Master of Science in Management Science- Business Analytics (MSMS-BA)
Required courses include Data Management and Data Mining, Operations Management, and Quantitative Methods. Applicants submit official transcripts and GMAT/GRE scores unless they meet waiver criteria. Admission takes place in the fall and spring semesters.
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