Minnesota Data Science Degree Programs

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Minnesota offers a number of data science programs, from undergraduate certificates and Associates degrees to Bachelors and Masters of Data Science degrees.

The state has numerous flexible online Master programs in data science. Students have the ability to choose how they finish their degree through the University of Minnesota, Saint Paul College, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, or the College of Saint Scholastica.

There is also one of the biggest data science networking groups within Minnesota (MinneAnalytics, with 15,000 members!) that provides additional education, scholarship awards, and job opportunities.

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Are there online data science programs in Minnesota?

Yes. Here is the list of some of the best online data science degree programs in Minnesota that we have found so far.

University Program Location

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Online

Saint Paul College

Data Science Associate of Science (AS) Degree Online

The College of Saint Scholastica

M.S. Health Informatics Online

University of Minnesota

Business Analysis Certificate Online

University of Minnesota

Master of Science in Computer Science (M.S.) Online

Full List of the Best Minnesota Data Science Degrees

Here is the list of some of the best data science programs online and at campuses in Minnesota. List was last updated for 2023.

University Program Location

Capella University School of Business and Technology

Business Intelligence Specialization Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Business intelligence topics include data modeling strategy, data interpretation, and data governance. Students should hold a high school diploma and are at least 24 years old. No SAT or ACT scores required for submission.

Capella University School of Business and Technology

M.S. in Analytics
Overview of how analytics can improve an organization and builds communication skills. Includes working with team members and executives when displaying visualization reports and projects. Complete various certification exams with vouchers to verify skills.

Capella University School of Business & Technology

MBA in Business Intelligence
Applied Business Analytics, Accounting Methods for Leaders, and Marketing Management are example courses. One learning format is a structured process with weekly assignments and pay-per-course. A self-paced format offers one or two courses at a flat rate per term.

Century College College

Applied Big Data Analytics - Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)
White Bear Lake
Big data analytical skills offers career preparation in data analysis or information security. Understanding analytical tools needed to determine trends and patterns in information. Designed to be terminal and offers full-time or part-time enrollment options.

Hamline University School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
Saint Paul
Convenient hybrid format blends online education with on-campus courses during the weekend. There are three different start dates in the fall, spring, and summer terms. Topics in Python and R programming, database management, machine learning, and data governance.

Minnesota State (Winona State University) College of Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Data Science
Data Science major divides up concepts in computational problem solving with statistical analysis. Applied Calculus or Calculus I required. Capstone project is an internship or applying education toward a particular industry problem.

Minnesota State University Mankato College of Continuing & Professional Education

Critical Data Thinking & Communication Certificate
No longer available.

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Three different tracks in Business Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Emphasizes finding data-driven solutions for better supply chain management. Also explores finance control, marketing strategy, and treatment plans for health care facilities.

Saint Paul College College

Data Science Associate of Science (AS) Degree
Saint Paul
Courses offered include overviews of information systems, Java programming, database management, and algorithms. The associate degree creates a pathway toward Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies. Program offered at Metropolitan State University.

Saint Paul College

Data Science Associate of Science (AS) Degree
Saint Paul
Learn general education topics along with introductory data science material. Topics may include operating systems, database structures, and big data impacts in organizations. Offered in many formats at the St. Paul campus location and online.

The College of Saint Scholastica Health Informatics Program

M.S. Health Informatics
Topics include electronic health records, consumer health data analysis, and database management. Research project applies skills learned to improve career prospects in health care. Recommended that incoming students have academic experience in statistics.

University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (B.A.)
Minneapolis St Paul
Required courses include C or C++ programming, algorithms, data structures, and operating systems. Differences in the BA degree requires 18 upper division credits outside of CSCI. Students also need a second language through four semesters.

University of Minnesota College of Continuing and Professional Education

Business Analysis Certificate
Minneapolis St Paul
Recommended for students to have academic work in business, finance, management, or similar. Business analytics bootcamp available for individuals without any prior experience. Admission into this program requires interviewing with an advisor and critical thinking exercises.

University of Minnesota College of Continuing and Professional Education

Business Analysis Certificate
Minneapolis St Paul
Focuses on using information for scraping and analysis by the organization. This optimizes processes when distributing goods and services, and making them more available. Ideal for looking into a different industry but already hold an undergraduate degree. Application competency gained in Python programming, Tableau, SQL, and Excel.

University of Minnesota College of Continuing & Professional Education

Information Technology Infrastructure Bachelor's Degree
Minneapolis St Paul
ITI core concepts include operating systems, database structure, security policies, and social impact. Sub-plans, also known as tracks, customize the pathway toward a specific position. Data Science focuses on fundamentals in analytics and big data sources.

University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering

M.S. in Data Science
Minneapolis St Paul
Two-year program gives students ability to develop algorithms to manage sources of data. Become comfortable with large-scale computing solutions and understand database infrastructure types. Other formats to consider are the post-undergraduate certification and the graduate-level minor.

University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering

M.S. in Data Science
Minneapolis St Paul
Incoming students should have experience in computer science, programming, statistics, and mathematics. At least a Bachelor's degree required for the application process with a 3.5 GPA or higher. Admission into the program takes place in the fall semester.

University of Minnesota

Master of Science in Computer Science (M.S.)
Minneapolis St Paul
Coursework-focused curriculum offering a unique blend of matrix theory, game planning, and cryptography. Completed at the Twin Cities campus or completely online. Total of 31 credit hours needed to fulfill curriculum requirements.

University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management

Master's in Business Analytics (MSBA)
Minneapolis St Paul
Begins in the summer semester with foundational technical concepts. Transitions to various analytical topics and application of these processes. May also enroll in the Master of Business Administration along with this program. Gives students further management and administrative topics for analytical solutions in an organization.

University of Minnesota-Duluth Labovitz School of Business and Economics

Bachelors in Retail Marketing Analytics
Students can learn how to research and analyze consumer and client transactions. This information can improve goods and services offered by the organization. Positions opportunities include social media marketing, inventory planning, and market research.

University of St. Thomas School of Engineering

M.S. in Data Science
St. Paul
Bulk of the program features required coursework in developing and managing databases. Complete analytical methods with advanced subjects in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Admission requirements include holding a Bachelor's degree with a 2.7 cumulative GPA.

Winona State University College of Science and Engineering

B.S. in Data Science (DSCI)
Students complete an interdisciplinary emphasis, six credit hours of electives, and a capstone. Core concepts in mathematics, database management, and analytical processes. Elective examples in Management of Unstructured Data and Principles of Study Design.

Winona State University College of Science and Engineering

Minor in Data Science (DSCI)
Data Science minor uses various statistical and visualization methods from the full major. Required courses include two levels of statistics and data visualization techniques. 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher needed to meet curriculum requirements.
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Online Data Science Programs in Minnesota

University of Minnesota Online Master of Computer Science

The College of Science and Engineering offers a fully online program for their Master of Computer Science. Coursework is offered through UNITE Distributed Learning and classes will vary on being synchronous and asynchronous. Some quizzes and exams will require a proctor, but there will be no requirements to travel to campus. Course examples of the 31-credit curriculum include Wireless and Sensor Networks, Analysis of Numerical Algorithms, and Computational Aspects of Matrix Theory.

There are three types of MCS degrees that students can pursue: thesis-based, project-based, or coursework only. For the thesis path, students will focus on research for their thesis after the first two semesters, and the same goes for working on a capstone project near the conclusion of the program. Students that have completed the degree have found job opportunities at major companies like Amazon, Google, Oracle, and Target.

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Masters in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Another online Master's degree option in Minnesota is through St. Mary's University in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. This program provides rigorous studies and real-world experience for professionals to help their business gain an advantage against their competitors by optimizing their processes and strategies. There are 10 core courses in the curriculum, such as Business Statistics, Data Analysis and Business Modeling, Data Mining for Decision Making, and Ethics in Data Analytics. Students will choose a programming class for either R or Python, and then the program culminates with a capstone project.

All courses are worth three credits, meaning 36 credits are required to satisfy the degree requirements. Full-time students can complete the program in around a year, and while class lectures can be viewed at anytime, there are set due dates for assignments, quizzes, and exams. Online classes are offered through the Engage management system and students are given a compatible iPad for the platform with some coursework needing to be completed on a Windows-based PC. Students that have graduated from the program have gone on to take job roles such as management analyst, financial analyst, senior business intelligence analyst, and data scientist.

Saint Paul College Associate of Science in Data Science

The two-year community college offers a Data Science Associate of Science degree that is offered online, on-campus at Saint Paul, or a combination of the two. Skills learned through this program will be the ability capture and analyze data to analyze and solve problems in their business. 30 credits are needed to complete the degree with core courses in Computer Science and Information Systems, Intro to Programming Concepts, Intro to Algorithms and Data Structures, Java Programming, and Database Management Fundamentals. At least six credits of electives are needed to finish the program. Admission is allowed during the fall, spring, and summer terms, and not all courses are available each semester.

Scholarship Opportunities within Minnesota

For those entering into the Master of Science in Business Analytics at the Carson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, 20 graduate students are eligible to receive a $20,000 scholarship based on merit. Qualifications include being a US resident and being admitted full-time into the program. International students do have limited alternative scholarships to choose from, and no special application is necessary to qualify for either.

MinneAnalytics, which is a huge data science meetup group, offers $1,000 to $5,000 to graduates and undergraduates that are nominated from participating universities. A requirement for the scholarship is to go into the data science field and explain how that career is going to help the community.

Data Science Careers in Minnesota

Minnesota has over 250,000 people working in the tech sector according to CompTIA, which is the 17th-highest state in the nation. That represents 8.2 percent of the state workforce with most positions in software and web development.

Data Science in the Twin Cities

The metro area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul-Bloomington, which bleeds into Wisconsin, has nearly 200,000 employed alone. These are slightly higher figures than Wisconsin and better than a number of other neighboring states.

The average salary sits at $79,924, which is one of the highest in the Upper Midwest and is only slightly lower than Illinois.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in Minnesota


MinneAnalytics MinneAnalytics Website
One of the biggest local meetup groups has over 15,000 members in the community, and it is free to both join and participate in their events with sponsorship support. Various events held each year focus on general education of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data visualization. HALICON is specialized around healthcare and the evolution of technology in that sector, and MUDAC is a data analytics competition for undergraduates. Other resources the group has are distributing scholarships to those pursuing a data science degree and job recruiting help.

Agile Day Twin Cities

The day-long event in Saint Paul is a conference that focuses on how to improve ethical business practices and processes with coaching and product discovery. Experts and professionals in agile technology and management will be on hand, along with breakout sessions for real-world examples and further training. Speakers at this event have represented companies such as Best Buy, the USAA, Amazon Web Services, and Atlassian.

Minnesota Data Science Career Statistics Information

Number of people employed within the tech industry: 250,991
Average tech industry salary in Minnesota: $79,924
Estimated Minnesota tech salaries range: From $51,188 to $119,348
Male Employment: 96,116 (67%)
Female Employment: 48,266 (33%)
* Data sourced from CompTIA, CyberStates.org, a data aggregate for tech workforce analytics.