Mississippi Data Science Degree Programs

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There are a number of opportunities for higher education in data science throughout the state of Mississippi, but very limited in online form. Delta State University provides a Master's program in Geospatial Information Technology completely online, and students have the option to complete a Master's in information technology either on-campus at Starkville or online.

There are other opportunities at Jackson State University in Jackson, and Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena. Other than those options (so far), you might consider another online data science program that is currently accepting applications.

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Are there online data science programs in Mississippi?

Yes. Here is the list of some of the best online data science degree programs in Mississippi that we have found so far.

University Program Location

Mississippi State University

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Full List of the Best Mississippi Data Science Degrees

Here is the list of some of the best data science programs online and at campuses in Mississippi..

University Program Location

Jackson State University

Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (Doctorate)
Concentration options in bioinformatics, engineering, public health, and statistical science. Students complete examinations, dissertation thesis, and oral defense of their work. One exam eligible for waiver with two elective courses and a completion grade of B or higher.

Mississippi State University Graduate School

Online Master of Science in Computer Science
Mississippi State

31 credit hours, 2 concentrations in General or Research. Areas of instruction include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Database management.

University of Mississippi Medical Center Bower School of Population Health

Master of Science in Biostatistics and Data Science
Collect and manage different sources of data with warehousing and database solutions. Understand different statistical languages to analyze and develop results. Completed in approximately two years with 42 total credit hours.
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Online Data Science Programs in Mississippi

Mississippi State University Information Systems Degree

The Department of Management and Information Systems offers multiple higher education programs, including a Master of Science in Information Systems. This program will provide students the education needed to understand the information technology sector in business, and improve both technical and communication skills. To be administered into the program, prospective students must have a Bachelor's degree with an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 over the last 60 hours. GRE or GMAT scores must also be submitted, with a preference in GMAT scores.

In order to be prepared for the program, the College of Business recommends the following coursework to be completed before or early on in the curriculum: accounting, statistical analysis, financial or managerial accounting, business statistics, micro or macroeconomics, marketing, and various computer programming. Here are the required courses needed to obtain the Master's degree - an additional 15 electives (with at least three credits geared toward programming) are needed.

  • Management Information Technology and Systems
  • Secure Systems Analysis and Design
  • Advanced Database Design Administration
  • Data Analytics
  • Information Systems Collaborative Project

University of Mississippi Medical Center MS in Biostatistics and Data Science Degrees

For those looking toward the medical field, the Bower School of Population Health has implemented a relatively new program to prepare students in data visualization, data analysis, and bioinformatics. They offer a Master of Science in Biostatistics and Data Science, which will teach those to collect and analyze big data, use programming skills like Python and R to prepare visual models, and collaborate with various co-workers in any background to improve healthcare. Students can expect to complete the 42-credit curriculum in two years.

Example courses in the curriculum include Database Systems, Essentials of Population Health Science, Epidemiology, and Statistical Consulting. In order to be admitted into the program, prospective students should hold a Bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA or better, and submit an application with fee, three letters of recommendation, personal statement, and GRE scores. The program does not offer an online pathway to obtain the degree. Typical job positions for graduates completing this program are biologists, computer scientists and bioinformaticians.

Scholarship Opportunities within Mississippi

The University of Mississippi Medical Center offers a graduate assistantship with a $24,000 stipend for the year and provides health insurance. The Bower School of Population Health also provides additional tuition support for new students that are taking nine credit hours each semester.

There are graduate assistantship opportunities in research, service, and teaching at Mississippi State University. A maximum of 20 hours per week is needed to be eligible for the $600 stipend that is given each month.

Jackson State University provides assistantships and tuition waivers through the Division of Graduate Studies. To qualify for the assistantship, students must have a 3.00 GPA and juggle nine semester hours of work with at least 12 hours of service in the department. Students need to apply to both opportunities.

Data Science Careers in Mississippi

Mississippi has over 46,800 employees in the tech sector. According to CompTIA, that is the 40th-most among other states in America, but is last when compared to representation with 3.9 percent statewide. Most positions in the state are in network administration and support. Average salary is at $63,103 in the tech industry, which is on par with neighboring states in the Southwest.

In the Jackson area, there are popular opportunities among various startups such as Fuse.Cloud, a cloud-based IP telephony company, and there is potential employment at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Another opportunity along the Gulf Coast is data science and informatics opportunities at the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology, MSET.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in Mississippi

Jackson Area Web and App Developers

This regular meetup group that has nearly 1,000 members is geared toward application and web development, designing, and programming at any experience level. Meetings provide a way for any professional to discuss the latest innovations in the industry, evaluate and analyze various projects, and have networking opportunities to advance one’s career. Meetings are held at various locations in the Jackson area and typically meet on the last Wednesday of each month.