Data Science Programs in Nevada

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There are few opportunities to obtain a higher education through an online program in Nevada. A Master's degree in data analytics can be obtained through Western Governors University.

The University of Nevada in Las Vegas and Reno also offer Master's degrees in data analytics and information systems, respectively. It is no surprise that the bulk of job opportunities in the state involve the casino and gambling industry in the Las Vegas area (highly data-focused industries).

Learn About Nevada Data Science Degree Programs

Schools in Nevada with data science programs include:
  • University of Nevada-Reno: Information Systems Data Analytics Track
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science Master of Science in Computer Science Master of Science in Data Analytics and Applied Economics
  • University of Nevada, Reno: Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. in Statistics and Data Science
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Online Data Science Programs in Nevada

Western Governors University

The online university, which is accredited by the Northwest Commission on College and Universities, provides a Master of Science in Data Analytics. Students will learn data mining and how to utilize and organize the data they collect. There are two certifications that graduates will receive when completing the program: SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst and Base Programmer, both using SAS 9 software, and it is included in the tuition cost. Students have gone on to become data administrators, data engineers, and business intelligence analysts after completing the program.

Typical courses in a data science curriculum are present in this program, such as fundamental and statistics in data analytics, Python, R, and SAS programming, two levels of Data Mining and Analytics, and a capstone project. There are 11 total courses needed to complete in order to receive a Master's degree. 93 percent of employees said graduates from WGU were excellent in their job performance. There are other WGU locations at North Carolina, Texas, Washington and more.

University of Nevada-Reno

The College of Business offers a Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) with different career tracks in Management and Data Analytics. This program offers a pathway for students learn how to identify important segments of data, how to sift through it, and creating visualizations to show important aspects of the data being analyzed. The difference in track depends on if the student is pursuing a leadership role or manipulating data sets to help with the decision-making process. The program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

In order to get into the program, students must submit the application with fee, official transcripts, GMAT scores, resume, and a personal statement on why the student wants to obtain an MSIS degree. Prospective students should send in their applications two months before the fall or spring semester begins. Those that do not have a Bachelor's degree in the information systems field may have to pass prerequisite courses before fully committing to the curriculum. While there is no online program in this category, there is an Executive MBA program that can be completed online for top-level employees.

Scholarship Opportunities within Nevada

Graduate assistantships are available to those accepted into any upper-level program at University of Nevada-Reno. Students do not necessarily need to be enrolled into a Master of Science in Information Systems, but they must maintain their academics in good standing and there are only a few positions available each semester.

Data Science Careers in Nevada

According to CompTIA, there are over 65,100 people employed in the tech sector within the state of Nevada, which represents 4.5 percent of the total workforce. That number is growing at a significant rate with nearly 2,500 more job opportunities during 2017-18.

The vast majority of those in the tech industry are working in software and web development. Job positions center around the casino and gaming industry within Las Vegas, with plenty of opportunities inside Caesars and MGM Entertainment.

Companies that make virtual gambling systems and find ways to keep players on machines while limiting the casino's losses. Average salary in the state is around $71,771 annually.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in Nevada

Strategic Analytics Summit

The one-day summit at Las Vegas has been bringing together over 200 high-level professionals and senior executives to discuss various topics in data science and analytics, specifically data privacy, ethics in artificial intelligence, and machine learning. There are networking opportunities between keynotes, and top data science graduates have the opportunity to interview for a position. Notable past sponsors for this event include Cisco, IBM, Trend Micro, ThoughtSpot, and Lyft.

TDWI Las Vegas

An abbreviation for Transforming Data With Intelligence, the week-long event in Las Vegas provides courses and training in data science and analytics. There are four general areas of specialization to choose from: Modern Data Management, Platforms and Architectures, Data Strategy and Program Leadership, and Analytics and Business Intelligence. Program length can alter between full and half-day courses, and topics are wide ranging throughout the world of big data, including predictive analysis, data visualization, working in the cloud, using open source tools, programming with R and Python, and much more.

Nevada Data Science Career Statistics Information

Number of people employed within the tech industry: 65,176
Change in jobs from 2017 to 2018: 2,489
Average tech industry salary in Nevada: $71,771
Estimated Nevada tech salaries range: From $43,875 to $108,727
Male Employment: 24,810 (70%)
Female Employment: 10,736 (30%)
* Data sourced from CompTIA,, a data aggregate for tech workforce analytics.

Available Online Data Science Programs for Nevada

Online Data Science Programs Based in Nevada

List of Nevada Data Science Programs

Campus-based and Online programs

University of Nevada-Reno

Reno, Nevada
  • Information Systems Data Analytics Track - Website

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science - Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering - Website
  • Master of Science in Computer Science - Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering - Website
  • Master of Science in Data Analytics and Applied Economics - Lee Business School - Website

University of Nevada, Reno

Reno, Nevada
  • Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering - Graduate School - Website
  • Ph.D. in Statistics and Data Science - College of Science - Website
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