South Carolina Data Science Degree Programs

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The University of South Carolina offers a number of Master's degrees and graduate certificate options in data science, including a Master or Certificate in Applied Sciences and a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Nursing Informatics.

Clemson University provides a more traditional program involving data science and analytics. Other on-campus options are Master's degrees in analytics at Charleston Southern University, and data science and analytics at the College of Charleston.

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Are there online data science programs in South Carolina?

Yes. Here is the list of some of the best online data science degree programs in South Carolina that we have found so far.

University Program Location

Clemson University

M.S. in Data Science and Analytics Online

Medical University of South Carolina

Master of Science in Health Informatics Online

Full List of the Best South Carolina Data Science Degrees

Here is the list of some of the best data science programs online and at campuses in South Carolina..

University Program Location

Charleston Southern University

M.S. in Analytics
Required analytical courses include project management, data mining, and research writing. Five electives customize the program, adding topics in critical thinking, ethics, and more. Capstone project applies what students have learned into real-world situations.

Clemson University

M.S. in Data Science and Analytics

Divided curriculum features mathematics and management courses. Online-based program that begins yearly in July. Students work with other peers at immersion experiences at Clemson, Greenville, and Charleston.

College of Charleston School of Sciences and Mathematics

Bachelor's in Data Science
Specializations in business analytics, social sciences, bioinformatics, and arts and humanities. At least 65 total credit hours needed for the Data Science major. Much of the curriculum blends mathematics, statistics, and computer science concepts.

College of Charleston School of Sciences and Mathematics

Master's in Data Science and Analytics
Emphasizes database architecture, data cleaning, linear models, and machine learning. Advanced statistics or completing an independent study is available through electives. Recommended for students with a background in data science, math, or business administration.

Medical University of South Carolina College of Health Professions

Master of Science in Health Informatics
Geared toward working professionals with taking four to five courses on campus. Part-time students take two courses in each semester, completing in six terms. Content includes ethics and regulation, system design, and research analysis.

University of South Carolina Department of Statistics

Master of Applied Statistics
Online program features no on-campus residencies. Students near the Columbia campus can attend live classes. Calculus prerequisite needed with a B grade or higher. Can complete up to six credit hours before pursuing the full program.

University of South Carolina College of Information and Communications

Master of Library and Information Science
Students gain competency in information organization, research process, and management potential. Half of the program is customizable to specialize education toward a specific field. 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and two letters of recommendation needed for admission.

University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing

Minor in Data Science
18 to 19 credit hours needed to meet minor requirements. Core content includes developing algorithms, statistical methods, and data visualization. Electives explore advanced statistics and database management. Calculus is a required prerequisite for the minor.
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Online Data Science Programs in South Carolina

Clemson University Online Master of Data Science and Analytics

Through a blend of classes from the College of Business and Science, Clemson offers an online Master of Data Science and Analytics. The 30-credit curriculum has various courses in mathematics, statistical sciences, and management. At the beginning, there is a data science bootcamp during the summer before the first term. Following that, example courses in the curriculum are Statistical Methods, Data Management and Warehousing, and Business Analytics Application and Projects.

Prospective students must hold a Bachelor's degree with prior coursework or work experience in quantitative analysis. No GRE scores are needed to submit. Full-time students can complete up to three courses per semester while part-time students can split the schedule up further with one to two classes each term.

University of South Carolina Master of Applied Statistics

Many programs of study related to data science are available online at the University of South Carolina, with opportunities in applied statistics, computer science, and health information systems. The Master of Applied Statistics educates students in data analysis and using that to make business decisions. Minimum requirements to enter the program include holding a Bachelor's degree with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher and two semesters of high-level calculus.

The 30-credit hour curriculum has core courses in applied statistics, statistical theory, and computing in statistics. Those courses fulfill half the program with the other 15 credit hours coming in elective courses. An alternative certification can be obtained with the applied statistics courses and two elective courses. All courses can be viewed online live and there is possible interaction through phone and live texting. Lectures can be watched on-demand within 24 hours after the class is completed. Assignments and projects are submitted online while some exams will need to be proctored at a university-approved location.

Medical University of South Carolina MS in Health Informatics

The Department of Healthcare Leadership and Management offers a Master of Science in Health Informatics that is completed online. Students will evaluate and implement various information systems in healthcare, using various tools for data management and analysis. Solutions are determined with these methods, such as optimizing patient care and making sure new innovations work properly. Graduates moving on from the program will be prepared for work in job opportunities such as clinical systems analysts and data analytics officers.

Each semester does require a four-day weekend residency on campus in Charleston, which typically takes place in January, June, and September. On average, the program takes four semesters to complete for full-time students and an additional two semesters for part-time. All students that have graduated with an MSHI degree has found employment within three months.

Scholarship Opportunities within South Carolina

At the University of South Carolina, the Department of Statistics offers graduate teaching assistantships for those enrolled in a statistics program. 5 to 10 students seeking a Master's degree or PhD are chosen each year.

Clemson University selects research assistantships for all enrollees in the School of Computing. Selection is based on high academic achievement and what the student submitted in their statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. The selection is limited to students completing the degree on-campus.

Data Science Careers in South Carolina

South Carolina has over 128,000 workers in the tech industry according to CompTIA. That is representative of 5.8 percent of the state workforce and those numbers will only grow with over 4,000 opportunities added in 2017-18.

Jobs in IT services and tech manufacturing have grown the most in the state -- 5.9 percent and 7.1 percent year-over-year, respectively. Average salary across the state is $69,445, which is a bit lower than all of the neighboring states, but is a bit higher in the Charleston metro area (over $85,000).

The Charleston metro area provides numerous data science opportunities, such as loan and securities data company RiskSpan, and Sales Analytics, who updates legacy equipment to help improve sales for a variety of businesses.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in South Carolina

Charleston Angel Conference

Charleston Angel Conference Charleston Angel Conference Website
This annual conference provides an opportunity for new and experienced investors and various entrepreneurs to network, learn more about the investment process, and become part of the Charleston community. 12 companies are ultimately selected for a screening day and three finalists will make demo day, where a bigger presentation will happen in front of other attendees. All three companies will receive investment rewards at different reward levels. Companies that do not make the final rounds will still have their company profile sent to entrepreneurs at the conference.


For the past seven years, this technology summit has numerous professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs from recognizable worldwide brands come together to innovate the tech industry among Southern states. Tracks to customize the conference include Emerging Technology, Digital Marketing, and FinTech/Blockchain. Companies that have taken part in the multi-day conference include IBM, Salesforce, Google, and Facebook.