South Dakota Data Science Degree Programs

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Despite having some of the lowest employment in the field of data science, a few universities offer higher education programs in South Dakota. There are two Master's degrees, in Analytics and Information Systems, that can be obtained online through Dakota State University.

Another opportunity is with South Dakota State University, who offers a Master of Data Science with some online coursework and a truncated graduate certificate completely online.

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Are there online data science programs in South Dakota?

Yes. Here is the list of some of the best online data science degree programs in South Dakota that we have found so far.

University Program Location

Dakota State University

M.S. in Analytics

Full List of the Best South Dakota Data Science Degrees

Here is the list of some of the best data science programs online and at campuses in South Dakota..

University Program Location

Augustana University Computer Science

Bachelors in Data Science
Sioux Falls
Offers a major and minor consideration in Data Analytics. The major focus provides concentrations in Business Analytics and Data Science overview. Data Science focus offers emphasis in ethical issues and machine learning capability.

Dakota State University Graduate Office

M.S. in Analytics
Concentrations available in business, health care, and information systems. Students can customize a general focus on analytical topics and discovering computing languages. Requires 30 total credit hours with a 3.0 GPA or higher with a comprehensive examination.

South Dakota State University Mathematics and Statistics

Doctorate: Computational Science and Statistics
Specializations in the subjects of mathematics, statistics, and data science. 60 total credit hours needed for the doctorate with dissertation research. Analytical examples include regression analysis and multivariate analysis.

South Dakota State University Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

Master of Science in Data Science
Prerequisites recommended in SAS and R programming before taking statistical courses. Opportunity to start online in the summer and complete program on-campus. Graduates have held positions at big tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook.

South Dakota State University Mathematics and Statistics

Masters in Data Science
Students complete Statistical Programming and Big Data Analytics courses in the summer. Other course examples include Time Series Analysis, Operations Research, and Predictive Analytics. Completely available at the Brookings campus location with some online options.

University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics
Students gain skills to solve business problems through applications and statistical analysis. Solutions delivered through forecasting and parsing results from business intelligence. Also enhances presentation capability and ethical consideration when using data sources.
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Online Data Science Programs in South Dakota

Dakota State University MS in Analytics Degree

There are multiple Master's degrees available completely online in the data science field at Dakota State University. The Master of Science in Analytics provides an opportunity to break into various positions such as business analyst, data visualization specialist, and business intelligence developer. There are four tracks that students can select to customize their analytical degree: Business, Healthcare Analytics, Information Systems, and a general degree with various electives.

Another opportunity is pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems, which is also available fully online. Those looking to become a database administrator or systems analyst, or want to advance further into their career, benefit most from this degree. There are areas of specialization in Data Management, Application Development, Network Administration and Security, Healthcare Information Systems, or taking one course in each category.

Programs like the MSA and MSIS degrees must be completed within five years, and a cumulative 3.0 GPA needs to be maintained to graduate. There is a limit of six credit hours that can be graded at a C level. A comprehensive exam is required at the end of both programs. Most full-time students are able to finish these programs within four or five semesters.

South Dakota State University MS in Data Science Degree

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics only offers the Master of Science in Data Science on-campus with an option to take courses during the summer to continue education outside of the traditional fall and spring semesters. However, the Graduate Certificate in Data Science is one of the two programs that are completely offered online. There are four classes that are needed to complete the program: Statistical Methods II (available online in the summer only), Statistical Programming, and two levels of Modern Applied Statistics.

It is recommended that students have coursework in foundational statistics (the prerequisite course, Intro to Statistics, is offered online through SDSU) and various programming experience, such as working with R, SAS, and SQL software. Students that are looking to get their foot in the door of a Master's degree benefit from getting a certification. Completed courses will be counted as credit toward the full program should a student decide to pursue it.

Scholarship Opportunities within South Dakota

Full-time graduate students can receive a lower tuition rate and a stipend when pursuing a Master of Science in Analytics. Assistantships are available in administrating, researching, and teaching to those that meet the GRE requirements. Students that are currently working professionals are not eligible.

Some students in selects states that are enrolled in a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics at the University of South Dakota are eligible for the Western Regional Graduate Program. They must be taking the hybrid or fully online version of the program. Eligible states for the award are the Western half of the country (includes Alaska, Hawaii, and the Northern Marinara Islands).

Data Science Careers in South Dakota

South Dakota has one of the lowest levels of workforce in the tech industry, currently sitting at around 21,930 employed according to CompTIA. That number is climbing with 2.4 percent overall growth during 2017-18, and a significant 5.7 percent year-over-year growth in IT and custom software services. Average salary is just over $60,000 annually, which is on par among surrounding states like North Dakota and Montana, but is on the lower end across the country.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in South Dakota

Siouxland IT Symposium

This single day event brings information technology executive together to discuss innovative strategies and to gain a competitive advantage. There are various keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities for all attendees. High-level professionals that have presented at the event, like engineers and marketing specialists, have represented organizations such as Sirius and Target, and schools such as Dakota State University.

Sioux Falls CIO Exchange

An exclusive forum geared toward chief information officers and similar positions. These senior level executives will discuss the innovations among their goods and services and their IT sector in general. Banking companies and healthcare services have the most representation in this event, such as American Bank and Trust, Great Western Bank, Avera Health, and Missouri River Services.