Data Science Programs in Utah

We have 10 data science programs in Utah in our database.

The University of Utah is the most popular school in the state that offers online options in the IT field that are geared toward working professionals and can be completed in less than two years. Western Governor's University, a nonprofit, offers an affordable program in data analytics that opts to pay by terms instead of credit hours.

Other opportunities in the state are mostly on-campus, such as Biomedical Informatics and Business Analytics at U of U, and Master programs specific to Business Analytics and Data Analytics at other schools.

Learn About Utah Data Science Degree Programs

Schools in Utah with data science programs include:
  • Southern Utah University: M.S. in Business Analytics
  • St. Catherine University: Masters in Health Informatics
  • University of Utah: Big Data Certificate M.S. in Business Analytics MS in Computing: Data Management & Analysis MS in Computing: Data Management & Analysis
  • Utah State University: Master of Data Analytics
  • Western Governor's University: Master of Science in Data Analytics
  • Westminster College: Bachelors in Minor in Data Science
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Online Data Science Programs in Utah

University of Utah

Students can either complete a full degree or graduate certificate online through the David Eccles School of Business. A Master of Science in Information Systems has courses available in the evening on-campus in Salt Lake City or online for flexibility in completing the degree, which normally takes a year for full-time students and between 15 to 24 months for part-time. This can be adjusted throughout the program and a hybrid of online and on-campus coursework is offered.

30 total credits are needed to satisfy the degree. 18 core courses has options like data mining, database theory, networking and servers, and the culminating capstone project. The other 12 credits are electives that are centered around the following areas of focus: Business Intelligence and Analytics, Product and Process Management, Software and Systems Architecture, and IT Security. However, students are not limited to choosing these areas and can select various electives among them to satisfy their needs. 95 percent of graduates from 2016 to 2018 have been employed after completing the degree.

The Graduate Certificate in Information Systems is a truncated version of this program, needing 18 credits to complete and can be completed within three to four semesters for even part-time students. There are no required courses in this format, allowing for a flexible curriculum that meets specific needs. Either option requires students having a Bachelor's degree with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Western Governor's University

Another option for an online degree in Utah is completing a Master of Science in Data Analytics through the College of Information Technology at WGU. All courses in the IT department are available online and is 100 percent self-paced -- there is no commitment to attend class or do scheduled homework. This provides maximum flexibility to learn at any time of the day and no stress of deadlines. Students pay for each term instead of per class credit, which are six months long.

The 11-class curriculum consists of fundamental information and statistics, data mining, Python, R, and SQL programming, data visualization, and an analytical graduate capstone that culminates the degree, showcasing a student's skills learned in the program. 88 percent of students that graduated from the program have found full-time opportunities. A whopping 100 percent of employers believed that they were well-prepared for their job, and 94 percent noted that they exceeded their own expectations.

Brigham Young University

There is no online program available at BYU, but they do have an on-campus Master of Information Systems Management through the Marriott School. Students have the option to pick one of the tracks to follow in their program: Business Analytics and Intelligence, Development, Healthcare, and Security and Forensics. There is also an opportunity to prepare and pursue a PhD. Full-time students are able to complete the program in 12 months, which requires 33.5 credits to graduate.

Undergraduates at BYU can prepare and be accepted into the program or those outside of the network can apply with a Bachelor's degree in a tech-related field. The graduating class in 2017 saw 97 percent employment, with half of the placement staying put in the state of Utah and many others staying in the Southwest or West region of the United States. Companies these students are working for include ExxonMobil, Adobe, and Capital One.

Scholarship Opportunities within Utah

Just by being an alumni of University of Utah, those entering the Master of Science in Information Systems will qualify for a 10 percent tuition scholarship. Other scholarships offered to graduates vary each year and range from $2,500 to $7,500 and is split evenly between two semesters.

Up to $2,000 is offered at Western Governor's University for students returning to school, which is split up into $500 increments per term. Students can apply 90 days before or after the start of the program.

After the first year, full-time BYU students in the MSIM program can apply for graduate student scholarships through the school. Students that are planning to leave on a mission are not eligible for this award.

Data Science Careers in Utah

Utah has around 143,000 workers employed in the tech industry and is the 14th-fastest growing state in the country according to CompTIA.

About half of this number comes directly from the Salt Lake City metro area. IT and custom software services hold the most amount of employment in the state and there has been a 4.9 percent year-over-year growth in the industry. Average salary in the state is set at $74,827, which is higher than some surrounding states, but lower than Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in Utah

Healthcare Analytics Summit

Healthcare Analytics Summit Healthcare Analytics Summit Website
This annual conference looks into the innovation of digital healthcare and moving beyond people’s electronic health record, which only provide eight percent of the necessary data to provide the right help. There is a focus in risk management, supply chain efficiency, and how care is given to patients. Over 27 breakout hands-on sessions will take place between presentations, which focus on analytics and machine learning. Keynote speakers represent organizations like Jefferson Health and Bayer, and colleges like Harvard Medical School and NYU School of Law.

Big Data Utah

Over 3,000 members are part of this data science group based in Salt Lake City that meet multiple times each month. Recently, there is a consistent overall meeting at SelectHealth and a lunch meeting that centers around hadoop at Adobe. Prior events in the group have been covering SQL, agile analytics, and networking opportunities.

Utah Data Science Career Statistics Information

Number of people employed within the tech industry: 143,000
Change in jobs from 2017 to 2018: 5,914
Average tech industry salary in Utah: $74,827
Estimated Utah tech salaries range: From $44,003 to $115,905
Male Employment: 67,980 (72%)
Female Employment: 25,848 (28%)
* Data sourced from CompTIA,, a data aggregate for tech workforce analytics.

Available Online Data Science Programs for Utah

Online Data Science Programs Based in Utah

St. Catherine University

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 🖳 Online Masters in Health Informatics - Website

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 🖳 Online MS in Computing: Data Management & Analysis - School of Computing - Website
  • 🖳 Campus MS in Computing: Data Management & Analysis - School of Computing - Website

Western Governor's University

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 🖳 Online Master of Science in Data Analytics - College of Information Technology - Website

List of Utah Data Science Programs

Campus-based and Online programs

Southern Utah University

Cedar City, Utah
  • M.S. in Business Analytics - Leavitt School of Business - Website

St. Catherine University

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 🖳 Online Masters in Health Informatics - Website

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Big Data Certificate - School of Computing - Website
  • M.S. in Business Analytics - Eccles School of Business - Website
  • 🖳 Online MS in Computing: Data Management & Analysis - School of Computing - Website
  • 🖳 Campus MS in Computing: Data Management & Analysis - School of Computing - Website

Utah State University

Logan, Utah
  • Master of Data Analytics - College of Science - Website

Western Governor's University

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 🖳 Online Master of Science in Data Analytics - College of Information Technology - Website

Westminster College

New Wilmington, Utah
  • Bachelors in Minor in Data Science - Data Science - Website
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