Missouri Data Science Degree Programs

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There are a number of different data science programs in Missouri offered on campus, with 8 different data science programs online in the state.

Numerous higher education programs in the field of data science are available both on-campus and online in the state of Missouri. St. Louis provides online opportunities through Maryville University and Saint Louis University. SLU has more specialized education in business analytics and healthcare.

The University of Missouri in Columbia offers a Master of Data Science and Analytics primarily online, but there are on-campus residencies required during studies. Rockhurst University provides graduate certification in Data Science and Business Analytics online and at their Kansas City location. For those in the Kansas City metro area, you might consider viewing our list of Kansas data science programs as well.

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Are there online data science programs in Missouri?

Yes. Here is the list of some of the best online data science degree programs in Missouri that we have found so far.

University Program Location

Maryville University

Online Bachelor's in Data Science Online

Maryville University

Online Master of Science in Data Science Online

Rockhurst University

Data Science and Business Analytics Certificate Online

Saint Louis University

Applied Analytics Master's Degree Online

Saint Louis University

Masters in Health Data Science Online

University of Missouri

MS in Data Science and Analytics Online

Full List of the Best Missouri Data Science Degrees

Here is the list of some of the best data science programs online and at campuses in Missouri..

University Program Location

Maryville University

Online Bachelor's in Data Science
St. Louis
The Bachelor's degree curriculum is 100 percent online, including foundational topics and electives. Courses include introductory concepts in data science, statistics, and predictive modeling. Students can choose to add a business-focused minor or Actuarial Science concentration.

Maryville University Simon School of Business

M.S. in Business Data Analytics
St. Louis
Business focus in various data science topics, such as data warehousing and visualization. Flexible benefits include 100 percent online studies and six different start times. Curriculum offers preparation to complete SQL and Microsoft Azure certification exams.

Maryville University

Online Master of Science in Data Science
St. Louis
Available 100 percent online and eligible for credit transfer if approved. 36 credit hours required with example topics in machine learning and experimental design. Master's degree preparation for various settings, including small businesses, universities, and government agencies.

Missouri University of Science and Technology Department of Business and Information Technology

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics and Data Science
All students complete general overview of business analytics and visualization methods. One elective added in categories of analytics and data storage. Goes toward a Master's degree in Business Administration or Information Science and Technology.

Rockhurst University Helzburg School of Management

Data Science and Business Analytics Certificate
Kansas City
Available focuses in Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Health Analytics. Gain familiarity with applications such as MySQL, Tableau, and RStudio. Students complete the certification completely online or they can blend formats.

Rockhurst University Helzburg School of Management

Data Science and Business Analytics Certificate
Kansas City

Core topics include business intelligence concepts and visualization techniques when using data. Distribution of courses in eight-week modules in online and on-campus formats. Students administered into the certification program five different times each year.

Rockhurst University Helzberg School of Management

M.S. in Business Intelligence and Analytics
Kansas City
Core topics blend analytical methods with management, financial decision making, and marketing strategy. Electives can add customization with different professions or advanced analytics. Prerequisites include fundamental database topics, and Python and R programming.

Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies

Applied Analytics Master's Degree
Saint Louis
Goals in this program include using analytical methods for data-driven solutions. Students understand ethical and legal rules when applying these methods with data sources. Used toward a career in business analytics, marketing, management, and other similar roles.

Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies

M.S. in Applied Analytics
Saint Louis
Geared toward professionals, students should work part-time and hold three years of experience. Topics include gathering data, developing visualization for communication, and managing various projects. Admission requirements include three letters of recommendation and personal statement on their career.

Saint Louis University Center for Health Outcomes Research

M.S. in Health Data Science
Saint Louis
Focuses on diagnosing medical conditions through data-driven solutions. Topics in this program include programming languages, machine learning, and leadership skills. Programming and computing applications include Python, R, SQL, and Hadoop.

Saint Louis University Center For Outcomes Research

Masters in Health Data Science
Saint Louis
Computing methods and statistical analysis integrates in the field of health care. Provides preparation in many opportunities, including policy development and risk management. Admission requires official transcripts, updated resume, and three letters of recommendation.

University of Missouri

MS in Data Science and Analytics
Students gain general competency with analytical tools and retrieval methods when using databases. Concentrations available in bio-health, geography, and data journalism. Online courses are available, but some on-campus requirements exist in the curriculum.

University of Missouri-St Louis Information Systems Department

Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence
St Louis
Students must complete coursework in database design and data mining. Concentration options include business intelligence, and predictive and prescriptive analytics. Advanced computational methods in machine learning and artificial intelligence are also available.

Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School

M.S. in Business Analytics
St. Louis
Focus analytical studies in accounting, health care, financial technology, supply chain, and more. Core topics in the program include SQL and Python programming, and database design. Average time for completing the program is in 18 months.
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Review of Online Data Science Programs in Missouri

University of Missouri Masters in Data Science Degree

The Institute for Data Science and Informatics offers a Master of Science in Data Science that provides a blend of online courses with two on-campus requirements. Both are week-long residencies where students will demonstrate skills learned in their core curriculum and concentration through case studies and a capstone project. 34 credit hours are needed to complete the program, with the bulk of those reserved for core courses such as Statistical and Mathematical Foundations, Data Mining and Information Retrieval, and Big Data Security.

In order to be admitted into the program, students should hold at least a Bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher within the last 60 hours of education. GRE scores are not required, but submissions should include official or unofficial transcripts, letter of intent, and a resume. Students are only accepted at the beginning of the fall semester. Typically, students can complete the entire program within two years.

Saint Louis University MS in Applied Analytics Program

The School for Professional Studies provides a more business-oriented program with a Master of Science in Applied Analytics. Students will be able to utilize research methods and other analytical skills to solve company problems with an evidence-based approach. The curriculum requires 36 credit hours to be completed, and there is plenty of flexibility to get that accomplished. Admissions into the program take place multiple times per year in the fall, spring, and summer terms, and all courses are offered online in eight-week increments.

Coursework will cover topics such as the foundation of analytics, data mining, data visualization, and project management. There will be an applied analytics project distributed in three parts, which bridges together what the student has learned within the curriculum. To get into the program, students must have an undergraduate degree with a 3.0 GPA (conditional enrollment considered for those with a lower score) and the college recommends at least three years of work experience. Students should have completed prior coursework in IT, programming, and statistics or research methods.

Scholarship Opportunities within Missouri

  • Saint Louis University provides Graduate Student Success Scholarships for those enrolled into an online program through the School for Professional Studies. In order to qualify, students must submit an essay that details academic achievements and demonstrates financial need. Various amounts will be given and applied immediately to tuition reduction.
  • Grantham University students enrolled in a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and are in good academic standing can submit an essay to qualify for the Eugene Jewett Memorial Scholarship. This offers a full tuition reward.

Data Science Careers in Missouri

With over 209,200 employed in the tech industry, there does not seem to be any slowdown for data science opportunities in the state of Missouri. According to CompTIA, it is the 16th-fastest growing state in the country with over 5,700 added during 2017-18.

The tech workforce represents 7 percent of the overall workforce in the state. The biggest sector of growth is IT services and software, jumping up 5.4 percent year-over-year. Much of the workforce is located in the metro areas of Kansas City and St. Louis. In terms of average salary, Missouri sits on the higher end among Midwest states with $73,534 annually.

Data Science Events, Meetups, and Conferences in Missouri

St. Louis Machine Learning and Data Science

Over 2,000 members are part of this St. Louis-based group that discusses topics in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. Meetings have specifically dived into ethics in AI, how algorithms can impact society, creating data visualization for marketing, and discussions over a variety of books that cover data science.

Data Science KC

Nearly 2,000 people have joined this data science group that meets on a monthly basis in the Kansas City area. Meetings feature professionals in the field coming together to share experiences and techniques, latest innovations in software and tools that they use, and discuss topics such as statistical analysis and predictive modeling. Specific events that have happened in the past are Kaggle competitions and how to analyze music files.