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There are many fields associated with business that draw in large numbers of new students each year. The diversity of the business field makes it a great place to settle into a degree program, which is probably why so many new applicants enter it regularly. If you are interested in working in private or public business, but have skills in statistics and computer information systems, business analytics may be the right field for you. Professionals in this field can be a vital part of business teams in many different settings, and can provide priceless information to help organizations thrive.

Online Business Analytics Degrees

Business analytics professionals can contribute to the growth of a business by using data to create helpful information. Business and statistical analysts are trained to take unfiltered data and transcribe it into statistics about website traffic, purchases, or interests. In this field, you could also use consumer search data to create more effective marketing plans, which is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful business. Work at this level is not confined to these areas, however. Many people that have a business analytics degree work in the financial industry, but positions are opening up in all businesses to drive data driven decision making.

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Online Business Analytics Programs

In order to accommodate for the growth of interest in this field, colleges and universities have started to offer these programs in the online setting. Students may find that bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs are offered through the online setting, which could make the decision to enter this field even easier. Colleges that offer these programs must consistently maintain reputable and relevant curricula, so that they can keep their accreditation status. If you are concerned with the reliability of online programs, please rest assured that these programs are just as reliable as traditional programs.

One of the main concerns of upcoming online students is the acceptance of their online degree. However, students are finding that employers may be just as likely to accept an online degree as those gained from traditional institutions. Business analytics programs can provide students with information that is relevant to the field, proven acceptable by accreditation agencies, and potentially helpful in obtaining related careers after graduation.

What is the business analytics degree like?

At the bachelors level, students in business analytics programs online may take courses that are focuses on the field of business and data analysis, as well as general education classes that are required of all bachelors students. Masters student may take part in courses that are more focused on their degree major and could possibly have to take part in in-person experiences that can transform their understanding of the material being taught. Lastly, doctoral students may be responsible for conducting their own research assignments while still learning more about the topics within their program.

Regardless of which program you are in, you may be using the online classroom to help strengthen your knowledge of the material, as well as to submit homework and take any tests on your knowledge. The online classroom may also offer convenient options for communication, such as virtual discussion boards, video chat, and email tools. Most online classrooms may be fairly easy to navigate and offer tutorials for students that have never been in an online classroom before.

Highlighted Online Business Analytics Degrees

There is a large number of reputable schools that offer degree programs in business analytics. Depending on where you live, you might find that there are programs closer to your area that may have exactly what you need. It is important to do thorough research prior to choosing a degree program that can shape your future. Our team of educational experts has searched for some of the most popular degree programs in business analytics all over the country, in order to provide you a list of some of the most popular. The programs listed below may be great options for students that are just starting their journey, or for those that are advancing their degrees into this field.

  • Arizona State University: Online BS in Business Analytics
  • Western Governor’s University: Online BS Data Management/Data Analytics
  • Southern New Hampshire University: Online BS in Data Analytics
  • Georgia Tech University: Online MS in Analytics
  • Maryville University: Online MS in Data Analytics

Typical Business Analytics Courses

The courses that you take throughout your degree program can have an effect on how much information you gain throughout your experience. At the bachelors level, students may take courses that focus more on the foundation aspects of this field, while higher degree programs at the masters and doctoral level may diver deeper into the foundation ideas to expand your knowledge of each. Students that are interested in working within this field should diversify their knowledge as much as possible throughout their degree program, in order to apply even more to the field after graduation. Check out the list of common courses for this field below.

  • Predictive Analysis: This is an introductory course in the prediction of complex behaviors based on the evaluation of previous data within the same field. Students may be exposed to complex problematic situations which require critical thinking and predictive analysis during the solution process. Common data analytic techniques, collaborative design, and modeling are topics that may be discussed in this course.
  • Data Architecture: Students taking this course can gain skills in security, architecture, processing, structure, and storage of big data systems. Information retrieval may also be a large portion of what can be learned throughout this course, with focus on string searching, compression, and algorithms.
  • Digital Strategy: Data storage and use within organizations is constantly undergoing change. This course seeks to educate students about the constant innovation process that is required within this field. Students can learn to develop strategies for change, improvement, and progress within the data-driven field.

What Career Options Are There For A Business Analytics Graduate?

Obtaining an online degree can potentially lead to many different career options after graduation. Choosing from a long list of available positions is often a daunting task, which makes pre-planning a smart option for upcoming business analytics students. The list below this section shows a few of the options for graduates in this field, and includes diverse career options that are concerned with the financial wellness and activity within the business sector, marketing tactics and research, and customer opinion.

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