Entirely Online Business Intelligence Degree Programs

Since the field of business is so vast, there are many different specialty areas for students to pursue. Each can provide a helpful support to the field and has specific duties and responsibilities in their own domain. In business intelligence, professionals are often tasked with providing consistent improvement and innovation in data store and processing, production and delivery of goods, and consumer opinion.

18-Month Data Science Master's Online
Master of Science in Data Science Program at University of Denver University of Denver - Master of Science in Data Science
Earn University of Denver’s MS in Data Science online. No computer science experience required.
Master of Information and Data Science Program at University of California Berkeley University of California Berkeley - Master of Information and Data Science
Designed for data science professionals seeking to organize, analyze, and solve real-world problems

Online Business Intelligence Programs

The trend towards online education has been growing for many years. In the beginning, people were weary of online educational programs, mostly because they were new to the scene and few people knew about them. The implementation of accreditation for online programs and the acceptance of online degree programs by employers may have caused more people to start looking towards them for their college degree.

Business intelligence programs in the online setting may consist of courses that touch on topics such as statistics, technology, and finance. Each of these topics can help to teach students more about the different areas of business that are relevant to advancement. The use of computer information technology is needed in this field, so students may take online courses that can help further develop their skills in software development, troubleshooting, and data analysis.

What is this Online Degree Like?

The layout of online degrees is similar to what can be found in regular traditional programs. Students are usually required to log in a few times a week to gather information, read the curriculum, take part in class discussions, and submit assignments. In most courses, students can complete their assignments on their own time, as long as they are in compliance with previously set due dates. Exams may be taken online, which adds even more convenience to this method of degree acquisition.

Teachers that instruct online business intelligence courses are often business grads with higher level degrees. Some of these instructors may even have extensive experience working in the field of business, which could provide even more real-world insight throughout your learning process. Your experience in the online classroom is likely to be convenient, helpful, and easy to access.

Individual Programs

If you are looking for business intelligence programs at colleges and universities within your area, you may be pleased to learn that there are plenty available all over the country. It does not matter if you choose the online or traditional route for your education, there are ample programs within each area. Our team of experts has listed some of the most popular degree programs in this field below for you to browse. Each program has a degree that can help to increase your awareness of intelligence within the field of business.

  • Saint Joseph’s University: Online MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Capella University: Online BS in Business Intelligence
  • Southern New Hampshire University: Online MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Full Sail University: Online MS in Business Intelligence
  • The University of Arizona: Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Typical Courses

  • Community Data Sources: This course can instruct students on how to collect and analyze data at the community level. Environmental, educational, and healthcare data may be included in these lessons.
  • Intro to Predictive Analytics: While taking this course, students can learn more about data preparation, documentation, and interpretation of results. Skills for making predictions based on previous data may also be outlined.
  • Intermediate Excel: Students within this course can learn to use Excel software to maintain data, analyze data, and submit results in an orderly and effective manner. This course requires some experience and coursework in Excel prior to enrolling.

Career Options and Salary Info

Business intelligence graduates can truly make a difference in the daily operation of the companies in which they work. Whether you specialize in the financial or personnel aspects of business, there are career openings that can suit what you are qualified for. The list of careers below is representative of what this field has to offer graduates of degree programs in business intelligence. Salaries can vary depending on location, experience, and level of degree.