Data Marketing Analyst Careers

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Marketing Analysts are responsible for the collection and interpretation of data about consumers, competitors, and market conditions for the purpose of better decision making. The product of the research in this field can assist businesses in establishing more relevant sales, identifying valid customer markets, and setting sales prices.

Professional Marketing Analysts currently involved with careers in the field of business have a diverse set of training that has allowed them entry into this fascinating field. A lot of the work that goes into creating new sales plans and researching different price points involves a look at the competition and current sales on many different products.

Data Marketing Analysts

Degrees for Data Marketing Analyst Career

This skill set is best developed through dense studies in the Masters in Data Science degree programs. Data Science is offered with different types of specialization, some of which can align you with what is required for Marketing Analysts in the field.

Master of Data Science in Business Analytics or Marketing Analytics

The Master of Data Science in Business Analytics or Marketing Analytics can lead you into courses that can educate you on the many different techniques and platforms that are current available for use within the professional environment.

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In some programs, students can also practice working with software programs as a means for gaining relevant experience prior to working in career in the field of business. While Marketing Analytics is a highly specialized field that requires intensive training and practice, degree programs in Data Science can prepare you for conducting the research you need to apply data-driven knowledge in your work setting.

Online Data Marketing Analyst Degrees

In recent years, many colleges have started to offer degree program both on campus and online. You can use virtual education to your advantage as an upcoming Marketing Analytics professional, since it can allow you to gain experience through a full-time job while enrolled in your chosen program.

The online Masters in Data Science - Business Analytics can be found through multiple online programs that have received the right type of accreditation for reliability in the field. Your course work through this program is completed entirely online, making it a great option to fit alongside a busy schedule.

Alternative online paths to this career can begin with programs in Software Design, Information Technology, or general Business Analytics. Some students may choose a variation of different programs in order to maximize their opportunities after graduation.

What do Marketing Analysts do?

On any given day as a Marketing Analyst, you could take part in a wide range of duties that can help increase the sales of your business overall. The beginning of a project in this career may involve identifying a research area for you to begin your investigation.

Research for advertising

Some companies may be looking for average prices for certain products or particular customer groups to target with ad campaigns. Your role at this point would be to being collecting data within these particular areas in order to make determinations about upcoming marketing plans.

Analyze and rank trends

Part of your research in this area may include examining trends and products of other companies, gathering social media and web analytics, as well as identifying rankings data via the internet. All of this information can provide you with helpful data by which you can retrieve useful information for future planning.

Communicate results

Once you have collected and reviewed all of the relevant data needed, you can then create a report that communicates sales trends, consumer traffic and preference, as well as average price points for individual items and services. This information can then be submitted to leadership within your organization for the next stages of the planning process.

Additional duties that you might find within this career field can include comparative research on marketing strategies, establishing updated methods for the utilization of current business intelligence tools, and even monitoring current customers and seeking out new consumer bases for new products.

Recommended Courses for Marketing Analysts

A lot of intrigued students considering this career path are interested to learn about the type of course work that is included in degree programs in Marketing Analytics. Degree programs that can help you gain entry into this career path involve a deep look into the work of Data Science, all while provided intensive studies around business practice and ethics.

Data mining courses

Courses in Data Mining are commonly found within these degree programs and can also provide you with skills that can be applicable in a variety of settings. As a student in this program, you can learn how to gather, extract, clean, and interpret data for the purpose of information gathering, as well as learn more about preparing this information for presentation.

Applied statistics courses

Additional courses in Statistics can also be very important for upcoming Marketing Analysts. These types of courses can teach you more about statistical computation and how it is relevant to the field of analytics, as well as familiarize you with some of the current software used in the field.

Business analytics and marketing strategy

While data-driven courses can be the framework for what you will be doing during your career, you can also learn a lot about business analytics and marketing strategy through business-based courses during your program. You can indulge in course such as Marketing Analysis, Global Marketing, and Business Finance as part of your core requirements for this area of your degree.

Salary and Pay for Marketing Analysts

Marketing Analysts can be highly influential members of a business team. The information provided by professionals in this line of work can be extremely important to the development of relevant marketing plans and price setting for different products.

The amount of money that you can earn in this career field may depend heavily on your experience in the field, as well as your level of education. In some cases, larger organizations may have a higher pay scale than new and emerging businesses.

Our team of educational experts has pulled current data regarding average salaries for Marketing Analysts in the field. Take a look at some of the common earnings in this field in the list below.

  • Market Research Analysts: $63,120 on average per year (BLS).
  • Database Administrators: $90,070 on average per year (BLS).
  • Software Developers: $105,590 on average per year (BLS).

Essential Software Programs

Many businesses currently utilize Marketing Analytics software within their organization for the purpose of data gathering and analysis. It can be beneficial for you to be familiar with the different types of software being used in the field so that you can use that to your advantage during the interview process.

Looker Business Intelligence, Hubspot, Marketo

Some of the top software programs being used today include Looker – a business intelligence software that is designed to provide extensive data discovering options, HubSpot Marketing – a great option for presenting traffic and sales data in real-time for users, and Marketo – a leader in cloud platforms that can provide businesses with quick access to customer engagement data and marketing management.

SQL and other data warehouses

A generalized knowledge of data warehouses and SQL can be beneficial for upcoming Marketing Analysts that are preparing for quick entry into the professional field. Additional certification programs for different types of data processing software may be available through multiple institutions and training programs.

Data and Marketing Organizations to Know

Before you take your first step into a Marketing Analyst position, you should take the time to review some of the supportive professional organizations current accepting new members. Data Science organizations can be a great option for you to consider, as well as those focusing specifically on business intelligence and market research.

Data Science Association

The Data Science Association is a large-scale organization that can assist you with staying current with the changing programming and technologies in the field. This organization also conducts presentations and seminars that can contribute to your further learning and development as an analyst in the field.

Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals

The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals organization can be another great option that was designed specifically for members of the Marketing Analysis field. Within this group, you can have access to new ideas and research that can change the way that analytics are conducted in the business environment.

Regardless of which type of organization interests you the most, you can reap the benefits of extensive expertise of group members, advocacy throughout the course of your career, and multiple opportunities for further learning.